Friday, January 10, 2014


I am the mother you have always longed to know. The night you were conceived was a night filled with fireworks the way New Year’s is always celebrated in San Antonio. I was 17 and I was a firecracker! I was at a party with some of the girls from TJ (Thomas Jefferson High School). There was a record player in a living room and all the furniture was piled on the front porch. We had to go outside to make out. The guys had booze in the trunks of their cars. I was with a guy I met who was a trainee at Lackland AFB. At midnight he drove in a big old Plymouth way out on the the north side – almost to Helotes! (he got lost) I had him park on a hill so we look at the lights. Didn’t happen for only 5 minutes. All he wanted was what guys always want. He had to get out to take off his pants. He looked so white and skinny in the moonlight. It was cold when he came back in. We laid on the Plymouth front seat. He held me but his legs were cold. My panties and my garter belt confused him in the dark. We warmed up as he fumbled around. The angles were awkward. I could hear firecrackers exploding. He was on me with weight and pressure. The windows fogged. I wiped a place on the passenger window and glimpsed a star overhead. That was my lucky star. Then the pushing got intense and I closed my eyes and I held him in. 


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