Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I am an old guy swimming laps in the Community Therapy Pool dodging the geriatrics with bathing caps in aqua-walkers and "swimmees" and avoiding the austitic teen in the Hawiian-print suit who is screaming and leaping with delight. Three middle-aged "regulars" swim laps to emerge feeling younger and fitter. I admit my 45-minutes of laps seem to last a lifetime. I congratulate the  bariatric woman for showing up. My Soul is a Sockeye Salmon and in its birth pool high above the Washington coast with its spawn-mates it leaps with youthful joy in the sweet water and circles and circles and then plunges downstream. It races over falls and leaps over obstacles until it reaches the salt water.  My Salmon Soul adapts to the rigors of a huge cosmopolitan ocean-going social neighborhood. The toxic, saline environment, which only a short time before would have killed it, now miraculously transforms it. 


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