Saturday, February 22, 2014


     I work the “Midnight Shift” from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. or some other ungodly hours. I may work the dimly lit warehouse, the brightly lit manufacturing, the color balanced print shop, loading trucks, unloading trucks, sorting, boxing, feeding parts into the machine or whatever repetitive task is required to keep the shift work going in Cuaultitlan, Kathmandu, Sao Palo, Dusseldorf, Detroit or wherever. It’s pretty much the same repetitive, soul-numbing work. Or worse, it could be something like tele-marketing: cold-calling which 98% rejection which is hard not to take personally. Mostly to get through the shift I had to build a shell, wear a mask, mentally put on armor, or create a persona -- certainly split my inner life from my outer job. It’s called the “gap in the soul”.  It can happen with ANY job – even white collar jobs and service jobs. It becomes a real problem when the protective sheath gets too hard or fixed and is something you can’t escape from or get out of and you get stuck. It can happen. You can see it sometimes.


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  1. I used to host the midnight shift show on the radio. Midnight to six am. I liked it. No program directors breathing down my neck. An open space to try creative ideas. And an audience without a lot of distractions, which allowed them to listen more clearly. The hours were long, the music numbing at times, but there was the all-night link that bonded us together.