Saturday, March 8, 2014


     I am what feeds us in the food – what nourishes us, what offers health. I’m the secret ingredient that is no ingredient at all. I am MORE than the minerals, fiber, proteins, and fats. I give the soil health and life through the agency of microbes, worms, and unseen living things. I give the seeds to those who, using ancient wisdom, care for their vitality and distribution across the world. I’m the freedom of the animals on the farm and the wild things that are there also. I’m the warmth and joy of the Sun, weaving the seasons, the days and weeks. I am the air we breathe and the weather. I am the rhythms of the moon and the loom of Sun, Moon and stars of the night. I am the intricate vast network of roots, water tables, creeks, streams, rivers, man-made dams and rain which connects each farm to us all. I am the tending, the weeding, the organization, care, and husbandry of the farmer and farm workers. The community gardens, the CSA farms, the neighbors breaking bread in meals that daily roll around the earth, time-zone after time-zone.


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  1. Very rich prose in this one. I really enjoyed the poetry and rhythm of the words. Thanks for sharing!
    -Your daughter