Saturday, April 19, 2014


     I am Galileo and social media is my telescope. I have been observing the relationship of the various spheres in the constellation of your social life through my telescope. These consist of three spheres of what has been a Citizen-Centric society: the Economic sphere, the Spiritual/ Cultural sphere and the Rights/ Political sphere.
     Each of these spheres have been presumed to revolve around the individual citizen (hence Citizen-Centric) and be governed by a specific ideal, virtue or principle: the Spiritual/ Cultural sphere governed by Liberty or Freedom – freedom to worship, study, learn, and follow the arts; the Rights/ Political sphere governed by Equality – all are equal under the law; and the Economic sphere governed by Brotherhood – producer and consumer in a mutual relationship with one another.
     I have been watching these spheres through the social media telescope by which I see the vast comings and goings of behaviors, ideas and concerns of your citizenry.
I have concluded that you have been under a significant mis-apprehension! Things are NOT as they seem.  The individual citizen is NOT the center of your society any longer. Your Citizen-Centric society has been an ILLUSION caused by geometry! There is a new and larger entity that influences all the other spheres. This discovery explains why certain things are not as they seem to you and why others gone so wrong!


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  1. Galileo has proven to be a clever old chap. However, might he be missing the heart of the universe that beats in the pulse of such a one as he that is speaking? From some accounts, Goliath had some huge disadvantages that gave David the upper hand from the start. Is Galileo making Goliath into the sun when perhaps he was really at a moon phase, with the ground swell of the heart of David rising in many not so conspicuous venues, such as this very mode?