Tuesday, May 6, 2014


     Once I lived in a small English village where each year the villagers continue to do battle with a dragon which threatens to consume their teenage children.
     By the time the village children have become high school seniors, they know the gossip, the bitter sniping, and the lurid tales of their classmates and the fears and failures of the adults in the small town. They see the results of affairs, drunkenness, drug use and violence.
The dragon which threatens these kids is built up by all of this cumulative old stuff which can kill your enthusiasm for life. Unlike the dragon in fairy tales which is kept outside town in a mountain cave, this dragon is kept locked in each villager’s heart – including the teenagers’ - and hidden with very polite social mores, mild-manners and stiff-upper-lips. But it is still a dragon and will gnaw at the kids from the inside with fear, doubt or cynicism.


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