Thursday, May 1, 2014


     Naïve Idealism is falling in love with an ideal or a person or project that represents that ideal and it takes your breath away, fills you with flaming enthusiasm ideas, plans, dreams and hopes for the future. At long last you have an IDEAL, a lofty, important purpose. A Quest. An Impossible Dream. You imagine the difference you can make, the unique contributions you can offer, how you can be of service to the project, the team, your lover. You have been waiting for this. Is this a destiny moment? Your life will be forever changed. You will make a significant gift and in return, you will be enriched, your life will have meaning and importance. You can almost see the smiles on your loved one or the team. They KNOW what you have done. You can almost hear their appreciative remarks. Those who thought you didn’t have the right stuff will, at long last, know your TRUE worth. YOU made the difference between success and failure - even under tremendous pressure.

     They will break it to you – and usually not so gently. They will give you a dose of reality. Cold water on your enthusiasm. They’ve seen your head in the clouds. Heard your vanity. They take it upon themselves to pop your balloon. This is not about you. You didn’t have the whole picture. You didn’t know the ropes. You were NAÏVE – that’s why it’s called “Naïve Idealism.” It was somebody else’s turf all along and you thought otherwise. How presumptuous! Where did you get THAT idea? Somebody else was in control. You were a newbie in a shark tank. Your lover had someone else. Somebody didn’t give you what you what you needed to do it right. You were ill informed. They should have told you before. Now you look like a fool. Feel embarrassed. The ideal is not yours alone. This is not the first time. Why does this always happen to you? Why do you always wind up with the short end of the stick, out of luck, with a bunch of losers who never liked you anyway. Naïve idealism (or Love 1.0) is a free gift to everyone – you don’t have to EARN it – and it will bring you a picture of what COULD have been – of your higher and better self – and then that free and easy type of idealism shattered that picture. Whoever it was that designed all this was very clever because you have been left with the three Horsemen of The Personal Apocalypse: Bitterness, Blame and a Broken Heart. But, before you ride one of those horses into the world - look around. You’ll find that there lots of footprints out of that lonely place.


AWAKENING TO COMMUNITY, IX, Dornach, March 3, 1923
(2) INVICTUS - William Ernest Henley

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