Wednesday, May 14, 2014


     I am heroin addiction. I am 16 years old, I was a sophomore when I was in school. If I still was in school, I would be the most popular girl in my school because I’m fun and I really look hot. Everybody wants to be hot! I’m VERY caring - everyone says so. Everyone who meets me likes me. They think they can be with me twice a week, and make no commitments! You think you’re better than everybody else? That because you’re rich you’re immune? You can buy your way in to this club but you can’t buy your way out. Nobody’s THAT special. The ADHD boys come up and say let’s do “Pineapple” – Ritalin and Heroin.  Okay by me. The momma’s boys want “Cheese” – their Momma’s cough syrup and Heroin so they can take it home. Blow your nose and blow your mind. The pot heads want the “Atom Bomb” – 2-fer Grass and Heroin in one joint - ka-boom followed by mellow. I’m an equal opportunity high. Everybody says they like the way I make them feel. I make them feel like they’re somebody special. My boyfriend has, you know, shared me with lots of his friends. That’s okay. We have a very OPEN relationship. I forgive him. Even girls. I don’t mind doing it with girls. I can turn anyone on – ANYONE. I can even take an ordinary person and we fool around together a bit and they will like me. A lot of people know me – pretend they don’t but I know them. What starts out as one date, maybe two dates a week becomes three or four date a day. We get to be real GOOD friends. It’s ‘cause I’m so much FUN!


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