Sunday, May 25, 2014


     I am who I am not: I am the one who does not speak French, or German or Arabic – or a host of other languages. I am not afraid to try to learn, but I wouldn’t place a large wager on my becoming fluent. I can’t even spell very well in English. Opera does not “float my boat” and neither do boats, though I have owned several small fishing boats over the years. I have no burning desire to go to China or Japan or to the “orient”. I won’t get up early to stand in line to buy an iPhone, iPad or iGizmo. I am not militaristic. I am not a fan of big corporations or big government. I don’t ask people what they think I should do. I don’t speak your mind. I try not to meddle in my kids' lives – but I’ll leave them free to tell you different. I am not gifted in music, though my mother, bless her soul, kept up the piano lessons until 4th grade. I have a mis-perception of my capacities to play football and baseball though I am not afraid to play 3rd base. I am not afraid to make a mistake on my own taxes. I am not afraid to volunteer in maximum security prisons. I am not shy, I am curious. I do not give my time away easily. I do get second opinions when it comes to what doctors tell me.
     And so, I can make a list of the things I am not: not gifted in, have no desire to do, or have no interest in whatsoever.


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  1. Jean...An intriguing premise... one that, as your creative forays are wont to do, has sent my imagination reeling into a geodesic 'hall of mirrors' with unique 'what ifs' reflected from a million mirrors. One of those reflective surfaces has stayed with me and pushed me into a contemplative state which has sentenced me to hard labor until I arrive at a sensible spot of personal acceptance. And that is: Can 'The Quaker Community Baseball Team' approach to life work as a concept for all of humanity? My personal answer is no. All progress, all striving for excellence would cease. Medicine would stagnate at its present level, soon reverting to only penicillin and its forerunners of disease control. All technological advancement would atrophy into a publicly lauded ennui, acceptable to all who would observe its ultimate demise. Music and the performing arts would devolve into stumbling ballerinas and those singers who croak and squeak and wander from the melody performing for those glassy-eyed audience members who could care less about a tear-welling rendition of 'Nessum Dorma,' the summit-striding aria of one of Puccini's grandest operas, 'Turandot.' In fact, Lincoln Center would be empty and the gifted performers may well have just stayed home and sat and played checkers...NO, WAIT! Not checkers! That damnable board game calls for an aggressive, driven player who greedily triumphs over his poor unmotivated opponent. "Unfair," scream the madding masses. Baseball's best players would be 'riding the pines,' America's pastime's biz-buzz for 'sitting on the bench,' while batters languidly swing at lousy pitches and double plays and heart-stopping diving snags disappear, becoming muffed throws and sloppy, staggering flubbed catches. No more 'Hail Mary' football passes or bobbing, weaving, stiff-arm slalom runs to the goal line by fleet runners. Instead, the players would be milling around the sidelines, seldom smiling as they munch popcorn and sip vanilla-cokes. No more 'Say Heys!' or 'Atta Boys!' for exemplary performance... just bored fans watching their favorite teams slip into sad streams of sameness. I'll not stab the decomposing body of this useless horse with one more dagger-thrust. My point is made and clear to understand to all those 'who have eyes to see and ears to hear.' The Quaker baseball team's utopian dream of 'equal opportunity for all' regardless of self actuated, motivated raw ability or lack thereof, is now relegated to the lowest cargo hold of the sleek, beautiful Cruise Ship of possibility-filled human potential. And with confident certainty, I say, "Finis."

    Dan P. McCurdy, Sr.

  2. Not to say "yey" or "ney" to iether approach, but ask you Mr McCurdy "Why are you here?" "What motivates you in you pursuit of life" Do you assume that all humans are moved by the same means? Survival of the fittest and all that comes with it, including drive to beat out your neighbor, either in sports or business, is in my mind a primitive mind set that we are equipped to leave behind and move onto more cooperative, collaborative, artistic methods of social management.