Thursday, January 15, 2015


6/26 – I AM YOUR KNOT: THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR REALITY - Two lives bound together in a knot. Is it created out of Love? Out of Karma (whatever that is)? Is this the structure of your reality?

6/24 – THE HELMSMAN ARISES - I am the Helmsman, the steady hand on the rudder of your life, your guide, your pilot over the most dangerous environments, the forces of the unknown, of potentials dwelling in the sea of your life.

6/18 – WHY IS BIG BIRD BIG AND YELLOW? - Good morning.  I am here to present the original research for Children’s Television. This research was carried out just as the technology of television was introduced and was the fundamental building block for the most successful children's television programs and consumer decades to follow.

6/16 – WHAT WILL BECOME OF THEM? THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESENT VISITS EBENEEZER SCROOGE - A scene from Dickens "Christmas Carol" is intercut with news clips of the refugee children flooding into the U.S. The Ghost of the Present - the second spirit - visits Ebenezer Scrooge. From beneath his green and ample robe are revealed children - one boy on whose forehead is the word "Ignorance" and a girl marked with the word "Want". Scrooge asks what will become of them?

6/8 – APPARENT NECESSITY - I have an awkward question about wars, school shooters and office supplies all related in some way to a feeling of inner need even urgency. Who or what is it that whispers in our ears our unique pass-code for action to resolve that need? Awkward answer will follow.

6/6 – THE REBELLION AGAINST THE GOD OF MYSELF - Pain, like an arrogant Angel, refused to obey ME  - the God of Myself.

6/2 – STRUGGLE FOR THE NEW FAITHFULNESS - How do we REALLY meet one another? How do we TAME one another? How do we forgive?

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