Monday, June 2, 2014


I am the things which control you: I am the Saros (the Sun and Moon barycenter) which through the courtesy of the Suprachiasnatiuc Nucleus (SCN) of your cells links your body to the circadian rhythms of day / night. I am the geography of where you live or work. I am the cultural system of your people, tribe, gang, clan, corporation, neighborhood, school or work place. I am the local, regional and national economy. I am the political system – national, state and local. I am individuals who have power over you - your parents, family, friends, enemies whether they be naturally connected, blended by relationship or karmic carpool. These are some of the exogenous (outer) systems which control you.
     I am also your endogenous drivers – your age and phase of development, place in birth order, body limitations (weaknesses, strengths), the addictive substances from the world which control you. I am you DNA, your biology, and your medical history. I am your inner personality fragments which drive you psychologically: compulsions, fears, doubts, anxieties, repulsions, attractions, habits, temperaments, memories, syndromes, dreams, chemical reactions to pharma and psychological manifestations.
     And then there is your spiritual dimension, how open you are to spiritual influences, your religious shaping, your destiny which somehow filters your perceptions or is a type of oscillator to excite you about some things and turn you off on others.
     Our age is quite pleased with itself that it has so defined the human being in such intimate details. 


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