Monday, July 28, 2014


     If we are brutally honest with ourselves we have to admit how very little much of what we know is as a result of our own efforts. The fact is, we are taught a great deal. So-called scientific or technological "breakthroughs" are usually less radical than supposed because of the important contributions of others leading up to the breakthrough. In whatever work we have, it is our good fortune to "ride on the shoulders of giants."
     Who we are – our own character – is usually due more to the strong influence of one or more people than to our own success at realizing and developing the qualities of character on our own that we need in advance. Usually, just at the moment when our desperate lack of deep capacity becomes most obvious to us, a person appears in our lives and the trajectory of our destiny, for good or ill, is changed forever. We model after them.
     These "giants" make us strong. Or, they helped us realize our own power. They give us an opportunity. Or, they create a tragedy that forced us to focus, choose or decide. They lead us, love us, follow us or touch our heart. Or they try to manipulate, control or bully us in which ever fashion, positive or negative – they put our life question into our hands.
     Who were these people? Create a moment of reverence. Write down their names. Menally and emotionally re-experience who they were. How they look. What they said. What words there personal gestures?
     Were are they there to bring the positive into your life, or the negative? Did they bear an answer to a deep question or longing which you had? Or did they bring a confrontation or a threat – a challenge? Did they SAVE you from falling into the abyss or push you over the edge? Did they bring you something you NEEDED to hear? Or, something you needed to face and resist?
     Why were they there?
     Maybe it was that mentor who patiently offered you their way to the craft, the RIGHT way to do something lasting. And the lesson was one of dealing with THEM and their arrogance or timidity as much is it was about the skills they taught.
     Or, maybe it was that friend or relative who ran the scams and offered you their method to cut corners, runs the game, make the sale, "bait and switch" or make a fast buck – and move on.
     Perhaps it was a lover who was able to lift you up, get behind your defensive "shields" and intimately and sexually see you as you are for that one genuine moment – but in that moment you were changed and able to give and receive.
     Or, could it have been a situation which ended badly? The loss of something? A hard place. An  un-just incident. A defenseless moment of vulnerability? What was that lesson?
     Maybe it was the schoolyard bully projected into the world's worst boss? Or, the flip side, the boss the trusted you and gave you the opportunity to prove yourself. They were there, but why? Why this person? Why you?
     By gratefully acknowledging their gifts we create a new relationship with them. The people that you allowed to change you and touch you had great power over you. If these people were of significant capacities – "giants" as we called them – they were people of power, enough power to magnetically draw you to them. Certainly far more power than you had at that moment.
     What did THEY want from you? Your admiration? Your obedience? Your strength? Your unique gifts? To abuse you? How did you not fall under their "spell"? Or did you?
     Through your strengths and weaknesses, your acceptance and resistance, there may have been power, conflict or intimacy which may have been discharged, like lightning, in an explosive moment.
     What happened? Did they get what they wanted? Did you? Where they changed or were you change? Were you able to find the courage you needed? Find the love? The joy? The enthusiasm? The ability to resist? The clarity of perception to judge and act in the situation?
     What was formed in you?
     What special strengths do you carry in your heart today as a result of this interaction that you are still giving to the world? Are you, perhaps, now the "giant"?
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Monday, July 14, 2014


How quiet it is after the shouting. Why is there no way to take back those words? How bitterness seems to hang in the air like a color or light or a tone of dread from a wind chime that won’t stop. The look in the baby’s eyes. How the cord of wood outside feels like neatly stacked body parts. The small mole which I do not have the time nor the inclination to have looked at. Where the water in the cove goes when the tide goes out – where your love goes when our tide goes out. Why I always have this feeling that this always is my fault. The way you lift your lip in that little snarl which looks like you are smelling something foul. I am probably to blame for the bitter coffee, too? Why the hell the neighbors slam their window? If we only have one car how can I go away? We don’t talk about Tenderness yet.

     This is all about Love and Armor and Tenderness. Vulnerability and Brokenness. Maybe we can meet in our Brokenness. Brokenness is a small playground around the corner where we can sit on the low kiddie swings and talk about imperfections and failures and Angels. There are needles strewn about and empty whisky bottles.  It is ugly. The children don’t want to play there. Occasionally there are gun shots when the drug dealers shoot off cheap pistols they are taking in trade for heroin. This is were we must go with our Hearts in re-usable shopping bags. Such is love in our tattooed era. We have skin in this game.

     The guts to do it.
     The 12 nerves of the solar plexus to fire off all together when I whisper “Love Will” and cause a total reversal and spontaneous healing. Virgo of the inner constellation.
     The creation of a new Heart comprised of both. Two beats - systole and diastole. Giving and receiving.
     But I hesitate. It’s a risk. I am unsure.
     Healing is a risk.
     Neither one of us is good at giving or receiving. We need practice. Meet in our brokenness and practice.
It’s one of those things we don’t talk about when we don’t talk.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014



1/14 – MY SOCKEYE SALMON SOUL - How does a human find their way to their death pool?

1/10 – I AM YOUR CRISIS - I am the  crisis which has defined your life. Why did I break you? To let something out? Or let something in?

1/10 – I AM THE MOTHER YOU HAVE NEVER MET - An unwed mother who gave her son up for adoption describes his conception on New Year's eve 1948-49.

1/8 – ACCEPTANCE (ORIGINALLY TITLED “A TWIST OF FATE”) - A college acceptance letter surfaces 30 years too late.  Why was it hidden? How would life have been different had it been delivered?

1/1 – OVERVIEW – THREE SIMPLE QUESTIONS BLOG - This blog cracks open the day-to-day stuff of life and reveals the unseen, allegorical and mystical the stuff about to be.


2/28 – SHE COAXES THE HUMAN SPIRIT - The physician coaxes the human spirit and gives comfort to the frightened, courage to the dying and attention to the Willie Lomans who whine and carp about declining forces, failure or change.

2/25 – I AM YOUR HANDS – Your hands are the keeper of the threads of the loom of your life. What are you reaching for?

2/22 – MIDNIGHT SHIFT - Who does those demanding, repetitive, soul numbing jobs for us?

2/19 – I AM THE BEING OF QUIET AND YOU ARE ANXIOUS? OVERWHELMED? NERVOUS? – The Being of Quiet - You are Anxious Overwhelmed Nervous Afraid Anxiety Attack Peevish

2/17 – ANOTHER WILLIE MAYS MIRACLE – My friend Brian was dying of cancer. I never underestimated the healing power of a '59 Willie Mays baseball card.

2/16 – THE SUBSTANCE OF LOVE – Love has transformative power. Are we the "Bees of Paradise"? What can our communities do through Love?

2/14 – THE HEART – VALENTINE DAY 2014 – The heart may be tender, vulnerable, strong, fierce, open, enthusiastic, cold and raw. The heart is also the doorway into the mystical.


3/28 – SOME OF US ESCAPED – Life began to sort us out in childhood. Some of us were allowed to play. Is it better to suffer courageously, dangerously and creatively? Or live lives directed in carefully-crafted skill sets?

3/26 – LISTEN AS “MR. BALLOON” SUSPENDS DOUBT LIKE COGNITIVE KRYPTONITE. Listen as "Mr. Balloon", a cute, seemingly harmless radio "puppet", demonstrates a sophisticated advertising technique which overcome your natural resistances.

3/23 - I AM DISINCARNATION – AGE 42, THE HINGE YEAR - A "mountaintop experience" and breakthroughs for Galileo, Jung, Freud and Fridan.

3/19 – I AM AN INMATE IN MY MARRIAGE, FAMILY AND JOB - I volunteer at a maximum security prison and teach a course in finding inner freedom through self-control because I am an "inmate" in my marriage, family and a job.

3/17 – AGE 28 – 30 THE WISER PERSON WITHIN US – The Wiser Person within us brings our limitations and short-falls to meet our future and prompts a Crisis of Talent. At about age 28 - 30. How was this for you?

3/13 – B’RER OBAMA AND THE TAR (SANDS) BABY AND THE OBAMACARE BRIAR PATCH – B'rer Obama and Bro Joe find the Tar (Sands) Baby in the middle of the mid-term path. Is B'rer Obama stuck? Will Sistah Palin 'n B'rer Cruze throw him in the ObamaCare Briar Patch?

3/11 – I AM DARWIN’S BRAIN – Habitual thinking caused Charles Darwin to think his brain had "atrophied." Now his brain tells all.

3/8 – WHAT FEEDS US – I am what feeds us in the food - what nourishes us - what offers health.

3/6 – THIS THING BETWEEN US – There is something between us. This silence  is gaining energy and turning into something violent.

3/3 – ENTER THE TIMEKEEPER – I am the Timekeeper. I am the one who divides your life into segments and those segments into segments.  I am the deadline, the due date, the thin veneer of control...


4/29 – DANDELION WINE: ALCHEMICAL BATTING PRACTICE - May 1 is a cross-quarter day between the Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice. It is also the day I pick Dandelion Petals to make Dandelion Wine. This is a spiritual, alchemical practice.

4/24 - I AM THE PAUSE BUTTON ON LIFE. - Much of life today is on automatic pilot. Trains of cause and effect, pulling cars loaded with habitual thought, leave our stations bound for a one way journey to a predetermined outcome. The pause or gap, is all about freedom. We at least should be free in our heads and responsible for our actions if life otherwise has us boxed in.

4/22 – CALENDAR OF VIRTUES – APRIL 20 – MAY 20 – HERE’S HOW TO PARTICIPATE - Here's how to participate in the slow research project and follow the calendar of virtues.
4/22 – DEVOTION BECOMES SACRIFICE: THE SEED - I am the Seed. I am all about Devotion to my species. I am also all about Sacrifice in order to transform myself into a plant. I think I'm gonna need some help.

4/21 – MONSTERS WHICH KEEP US SAFE KILL US - Have we created a world of monsters that are now raging against us? How do we protect ourselves against outer monsters? Anguish. But even that is not enough.

4/19 – I AM GALILEO AND FACEBOOK IS MY TELESCOPE - I have concluded that you have been under a significant mis-apprehension! Things are NOT as they seem.  The individual citizen is NOT the center of your society any longer. Your Citizen-Centric society has been an ILLUSION caused by geometry! There is a new and larger entity that influences all the other spheres. This discovery explains why certain things are not as they seem to you and why others gone so wrong!

4/15 – I AM THE TONGUE OF THE LIAR - It's a great era to be the tongue of a liar!  A Golden Age. This is the age of massive lies told with sincerity.

4/8 – I AM YOUR MASK - Inside me is the real person you're working on becoming - the REAL you.


5/29 – GO DOWN ARCHETYPAL MOSES - A great deal of our life is spent in "in between" places where we have to spend time. The waiting rooms of life where we are stuck for some times long periods of time. Not enough time wasted to do anything but sit in dull resentment. Not in the dark. Not in the light. Not quite living. Not quite dead. What does one do? Think about Archetypes, of course. Enter Moses.

5/27 – NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI AND RESURRECTION FORCES - I am Niccolo Machiavelli. My treatise which separated politics from morality was called The Prince and published in 1513. The brand has done very well! Only a modern mind would apply a then radical concept - amorality - in so many practical policy ways at all levels of society worldwide!  Your world has learned the lessons of amorality well. But there is a final lesson which Princes do not want to hear and so will overlook. A lesson they find incomprehensible. A force more powerful than their immoral politics, economics or false religions because it comes from the heart of man.

5/25 – I AK WHO I AM NOT BUT MAY HAVE BEEN - Much of our culture defines people by their gifts and talents – what you’re “good” at. But, what about the things we’re not good at, or the list a list of the things I am not: not gifted in, have no desire to do, or have no interest in whatsoever. Why are we NOT interested in those specific things?

5/16 – IS THE DEEP SPRING OF YOUR CREATIVITY IN DEEP WATER? - I am the deep spring which from which your creativity once flowed. Like all springs, I come from a source. In healthy eco-systems there is a continual renewal process so that deep springs do not go dry. But, maybe you’ve forgotten this process – or think it is not important or that you are not responsible for the maintenance of your creativity. Or, perhaps, you believe you can neglect it because you’ve ALWAYS had “the touch”, the spark, “the juice.” Do you think I appear by “magic”? That I’m a gift that will keep on giving? Hello!

5/14 - I AM HEROIN ADDICTION - I am heroin addiction. I am 16 years old, I was a sophomore when I was in school. If I still was in school, I would be the most popular girl in my school because I’m fun and I really look hot. Everybody wants to be hot! I’m VERY caring - everyone says so. Everyone who meets me likes me. They think they can be with me twice a week, and make no commitments! You think you’re better than everybody else? That because you’re rich you’re immune? You can buy your way in to this club but you can’t buy your way out.

5/9 – WILLIAM SHAKESPEAR AND YOU DREAM EACH OTHER = Writers are dreamers who gather imaginations and fantasies and bring them down to words. When the reader reads what I have written, you read and imagine or experience my dream – and so you dream along with me. We are all sleepers in the dreams of others. Who is dreaming the dream of you? Who is writing your story? Whose ideals or ideas fill your inner world? Where do you go when you sleep? With whom do you commune?

5/7 – I AM YOUR NESTED SYSTEM (LEND ME YOUR HIGHER SELF FOR A MOMENT, WILL YA?)- I am your nested system. We are Five Sheaths which are nested within your physical body like a Russian “Babushka” doll. I am really sorry to have to bring this very complicated schema up at a time like this. But, I know you’re busy; but I can tell some of you are struggling with weight loss, stopping smoking (“cessation” as it is called now), modifying a habit, parenting, dealing with aging parents, grumpy colleagues, or angry young people – then you simply must be aware of how this nested system works.

5/6 – BATTLING DRAGONS - Once I lived in a small English village where each year the villagers continue to do battle with a dragon which threatens to consume their teenage children. The dragon which threatens these kids is built up by all of this cumulative old stuff which can kill your enthusiasm for life. Unlike the dragon in fairy tales which is kept outside town in a mountain cave, this dragon is kept locked in each villager’s heart – including the teenagers’ - and hidden with very polite social mores, mild-manners and stiff-upper-lips. But, once a year, they battle this dragon.

5/1 – FROM NAÏVE IDEALISM TO ACHIEVED IDEALISM - Naive Idealism or "Love 1.0" is a gift to everyone however, it can fade when the reality of life hits us. What is needed is Achieved Idealism - ideals we achieve ourselves with the help of others.


6/26 – I AM YOUR KNOT: THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR REALITY - Two lives bound together in a knot. Is it created out of Love? Out of Karma (whatever that is)? Is this the structure of your reality?

6/24 – THE HELMSMAN ARISES - I am the Helmsman, the steady hand on the rudder of your life, your guide, your pilot over the most dangerous environments, the forces of the unknown, of potentials dwelling in the sea of your life.

6/18 – WHY IS BIG BIRD BIG AND YELLOW? - Good morning.  I am here to present the original research for Children’s Television. This research was carried out just as the technology of television was introduced and was the fundamental building block for the most successful children's television programs and consumer decades to follow.

6/16 – WHAT WILL BECOME OF THEM? THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESENT VISITS EBENEEZER SCROOGE - A scene from Dickens "Christmas Carol" is intercut with news clips of the refugee children flooding into the U.S. The Ghost of the Present - the second spirit - visits Ebenezer Scrooge. From beneath his green and ample robe are revealed children - one boy on whose forehead is the word "Ignorance" and a girl marked with the word "Want". Scrooge asks what will become of them?

6/8 – APPARENT NECESSITY - I have an awkward question about wars, school shooters and office supplies all related in some way to a feeling of inner need even urgency. Who or what is it that whispers in our ears our unique pass-code for action to resolve that need? Awkward answer will follow.

6/6 – THE REBELLION AGAINST THE GOD OF MYSELF - Pain, like an arrogant Angel, refused to obey ME  - the God of Myself.

6/2 – STRUGGLE FOR THE NEW FAITHFULNESS - How do we REALLY meet one another? How do we TAME one another? How do we forgive?

JULY 2014

7/9 – THE THINGS WE DON’T TALK ABOUT WHEN WE DON’T TALK - This is all about Love and Armor and Tenderness. Vulnerability and Brokenness. Maybe we can meet in our Brokenness.  Neither one of us is good at giving or receiving. We need practice. Meet in our brokenness and practice Tenderness.

7/6 – THE RIVER OF LIFE - I feel compelled to search for the River of Life and my personal contribution to the richness of our existence. Can I be happy with shallowness and gravel?

7/4 – LITTLE ACT OF KINDNESS - Remembering one another is a celebration - let's practice little acts of kindness and love.

© Copyright 2014, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved