Friday, July 4, 2014


     I am just one of your acquaintances or we met at church or in the neighborhood. I am no one you would think especially outstanding. Don't try to draw attention to myself outwardly. Not too tall. A little overweight, I must admit. Light brown hair. Reading glasses. I shop at the second-hand store. I am clean and neat and well kept. I even iron my t-shirts. I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but I try. I work as a part-time secretary, some child-care, did hospice once. I don’t go to school, but I take classes. And, I’m in a book club. 
     I learned early on that people like to be remembered. I love birthdays, anniversaries and special days for my friends and co-workers. I have a little book I note them in. I can’t always go to the $1 store and buy a card, my life is busy, so I have a drawer of cards that I buy when they’re on sale.

     So, I start a day or two before your birthday. When I get home, before I feed the cat, I take out your card and make myself a cup of tea and sit down. I’ve picked this card because I think you’ll like it. So, I sit and think about you and what you’re doing. Or maybe I’ve heard something from a friend who had run into you. I sit there and imagine you – what you look like now. I let that image of you grow and grow. I can see your smile and your eyes. And then I get my gel pen, I only use gel pens for cards, and I open the card and consider where is the best place to write the greeting - this is not an automatic deal in any way. This is your SPECIAL day.

      Then, when I’ve got the spot in my mind, I write, “Happy Birthday” in my most perfectly formed script, the hand that when you see it, you know instantly that it is from me. You have to do that in one pass and it has taken hours of practice to get it just right. But, you’re worth it. I want that connection with you.
The same with the envelope – your envelope carries your name in a beautifully penned script that virtually announces that you are someone special and this envelope is from someone special. I only use those “Celebrate” stamps because this IS a celebration – it’s your special day.
     If you were here with me now, I would slip outside and cut flowers to put around your tea cup and give you some cookies (I’m sure I’ve got some cookies) and make a REAL celebration out of it.

© Copyright 2014, Jean W. Yeager
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  1. I just read your lovely vignette and saw myself and a few other neighborhood ladies in it. This one hit so close to home - right down to the book club, thrift shops and cats. I suppose I could throw in the reference to nobody being aware that I’m here. That’s not said out of loneliness it’s just sometimes it seems I can go for days without hearing from much of anybody. It’s what happens when single people with no nearby family start to age.