Thursday, November 13, 2014


     I am the cleaning service for your inner sanctuary - you know, that special place where you keep all the treasured memories, accomplishments, fears or catastrophes which define who you are?
     Your sanctuary is built out of iconic bits, parts of reality, half remember strong impressions, treasured kind words and accomplishments or slaps, beatings AND those regrets, can’t forget the regrets. And over time you’ve added your habits, your biases, your doubts, your criticisms, all of your favorites you WORSHIP! It's the place where you can sit and be focused on yourself totally.
     I see this one alot - Fear - like a spotlight from overhead right over you. Don't want to touch it. You're afraid to do ANYTHING, you gotta stand still! That way you're SAFE. You can always trust fear, can't you?
     So our inner sanctuaries are sometimes frozen and maintained by the physical locations where we live. The memories and the metaphors gets linked with the physical. We get locked into physical places as well as our inner spaces. Gotta leave grandma's dishes in the china cabinet along with grandma's memories. (Remember the awful fights we used to have?) I wouldn’t think of throwing THOSE out!

     Remind me, what is your inner sanctuary like? I got lots of clients I clean for - not all too different.
     Is yours simple, quiet and elegant - like a Quaker meeting room? With solid, simple, beautifully constructed benches all facing the center? 'Cause after all, YOU gotta be in the center of YOUR sanctuary, right?
     The Taj Mahal! Giant, luxurious, beautiful which YOU built to impress your inner LOVER - yourself.
     CATHEDRALS are popular. With the rank upon rank of pews so that hundreds of your personality fragments can all attend together beneath an image of you on the crucifix - a symbol for how much you have suffered. Lots of tissues on the floor in that place.
     Nature? a running brook, verdant seclusion a little nudity? Skinny-dipping?
     Oooh! Farmer's daughter? Agriculture? Tractors and big bank leins! A field of hay? Corn? A garden! Like Eden!
     A kitchen? Cooking? Is that heaven, or what? You could just feed yourself forever - forget all that other stuff outside. Just eat.
     Military sanctuary? A Hum-vee in the mid-east? Yeah, injuries are sanctuaries, aren't they? Man you get to spend some quality alone time with wounds.
     My sanctuary used to be a two man prison cell with a moron screaming when the lights went out. I hung onto that for a LONG time. Eventually that's where I learned to clean floors.
     So, what's your special place? Hmm? I'm getting the mop bucket, I'll be right back.

     Your sanctuary is a pretty good size. But you know, life goes on and will eventually end. So you have your birth, your accomplishments, the wonderful things which make your sanctuary, you have some relationships, you grow older, and then you die.
     I'm here because I think it's time that we begin to make your sanctuary smaller. I think your sanctuary should be small enough to fit into a casket. That way we can put your beautiful self-impression into a casket and bury you with it.
     One of the main things that people say at the end of someone's life is that we want the dead body to look just "like we remember them". We want them to go into the next life looking as they did in that favorite moment in OUR memory.
     By making your sanctuary smaller so that we can bury you in it, we will give you the opportunity to be remembered as YOU want to be remembered. This also gives you an excuse for never making any changes in your life - or your sanctuary. For always being afraid to do certain things. For emphasizing those habits. For never taking risks. We can bury you alive, eh?

© Copyright 2014, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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