Monday, July 25, 2016

ARDUOUS कठिन beschwerlich ardu 艱鉅 つらい и взрывоопасных مشکل

     I hope that this is an arduous time for you.  Arduous, or “tough” times mean you are being challenged and tested by life.
     How much “grit” do you have? Grit is comprised of determination, willingness to withstand the pain. To call forth determination, or grit means that you are willing to sacrifice for your goal.
     Big goals call forth big challenges.
That means you are rising to the challenges by growing, learning, gaining experiences. The more difficult the experience, the harder you have to work.  The harder you work, the greater the capacities you develop. The greater capacities, the more you can accomplish and achieve. That means your life can become more abundant. The more abundant your outer life becomes, the more inner strength you have.
     The challenges we receive lead us to the fate we have for our life. That fate and those experiences are directed by the star our spirit self has chosen to follow.
     Is it you who is finding your fate, or is your fate finding you?
     Is it your star which you are following? Or, is the star leading you, drawing you forward into the future you know nothing about?
As you move forward on your path, you may begin to realize that it is absolutely necessary for us to have challenges, a path, fate and a star, otherwise, our struggles seem random and meaningless.

     What is the gift we receive? We receive the giver.
     Who is the giver?

“I feel my star,
My star finds me,
I feel my fate,
My fate finds me.

My life and the wide world are one.

Life grows more abundant for me.
Life grows more radiant within me.
Life grows more arduous for me.”
-   Rudolf Steiner

     This is a time of testing.
     Why in the world would anyone want their lives to be more arduous?

© Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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