Monday, January 28, 2019


     Early in December, before Christmas and the Winter Solstice, on Santa Lucia Day, young girls walk with lit candles in a green crown-like wreath on their head. A living crown. Living candles. 
     Later comes a Cross-Quarter day between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox - Candlemas, February 2nd.  A day between the dead of Winter and life of Spring. Candlemas celebrates Quickening in the Earth, the sense of life, living and aliveness unseen but felt.
     I am the being of Quickening. I am timing. Discretion. Neither rushing forward thoughtlessly, nor waiting too long. I am the growing potentiality in any activity or enterprise. I am the time to be fulfilled.
     I am the feeling of hope for the new future you have imagined for yourself and for which you have worked ceaselessly by changing yourself. That future potential is now alive. And now, this is the moment on which balances your future. It is not you which is driving the change but the force of life; the massive force which drives ALL of life, great and small. The force which moves Sun, Moon, Earth, weather and all animals, men and microbes. This force is in you and around you is moving you slowly but relentlessly forward toward your destiny. The outcome is unknown. You can sense that it is alive but success or failure is out of your control now.
Was your judgment and work good and timely, or was it an  opportunity which has passed.

Life moves from Santa Lucia and a Crown of Candles before Christmas to Easter and a Crown of Thorns through Candlemas and Quickening of life unseen but felt.
     You are living amid the forces of life and death, holding the Sun and Moon, the day and night, your hopes and dreams, what to have for breakfast, whether or not to ask for a raise. Am I dying? Still? Why can’t I be calm? What is that lump?
     You are a being who changes each day. You can affect the direction of your change. You ARE all your forces: physical, emotional and consciousness. You have created channels of habit, the neural pathways your thoughts caper along. The conclusions which stick you and hang you up. Thought thorns.
     But, here is also the NOT you. The Quickening. The Cross-Quarter day of this year. The preparation for what? A wink and a nod from Dame Adventure? Crucifixion? Resurrection?

     We must all wear the Crown of Thorns. The waiting is hard. The pain is real. But, beneath our skin into which the Thorns press is our waiting. Within our hearts and souls, is our Quickening, our life, and living. The Thorns remind us we are alive and that we are not alone. The Quickening reminds us we are dying.  Which Crown is our glory? Which Crown is our agony?
     The more we experience the Joy of life and living, the greater the suffering and the greater the opportunity to develop capacities to withstand the agony. For what do you Quicken and live? For whom do you suffer and die? What is the point of all of this?
     And, who comes forward to share your pain? They are there. They are visible and invisible. Hold their hands if they have them. Receive the moments where, with a gentle swipe they wipe the pain out of your senses and grant a moment of Clarity for an instantaneous, profound decision. It is the right time for that choice.
© Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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