Friday, February 6, 2015


STALK YOURSELF - We will need to fish deeply in our depths for the deep running, gigantic parts of ourselves which we fear. We need the power of the unseen leviathans we have thought were only nice literary devices. We have lived our lives hoping never to meet these fierce, wild parts of ourselves and pretending they is not there. But they are.

OUR GROUP IS FOR THE BIRDS (really) – A PARODY OF BIRD GROUP TYPES - I would very much like it if our Dissimulation of Birds was better able to work together. When we get into our meeting, of course the Charm of Finches has to talk about their new sparkly accessories. The Starlings are Chattering, no doubt. And, that makes the Hens broody. The situation is making some of us nervous types want to fly - Fight or Flight, you know? Guess which is greater in THIS group.

WHERE GPS DOESN’T GO - I am lost. Oh, I know where I am PHYSICALLY, I’m on this  mountain track in rural Kentucky – Wolf Creek Road. Ominous name.  There was a street sign where I turned off the paved State Highway and this road has been graveled. It leads up, up, up a heavily wooded mountain. But, my GPS doesn’t go into the land of the lost.

THE CLEANING SERVICE OF YOUR INNER SANCTUARY - I am the cleaning service for your inner sanctuary - you know, that special place where you keep all the treasured memories, accomplishments, fears or catastrophes which define who you are?  Remind me, what is your inner sanctuary like? I got lots of clients I clean for - not all too different.

UH-OH - Uh-Oh is the me who is ashamed of how I MIGHT do something wrong. It hasn’t actually happened yet, but it LOOKS LIKE something wrong I’ve done before. Uh-Oh is the one that judges actions before I actually do them, and then says its name. Uh-Oh is here to lead me away from old patterns. It is the me who is an example of how many times I hurt myself, needlessly.

LIFE PENTIMENTO – I CAN’T FORGET YOU (and maybe I shouldn’t) - You can tell a painting is altered because an artist painted out an original scene. Artists call the technique of painting over scenes: “pentimento”.  I have found that experiences in my life have been painted over with a thick, opaque “gesso” of time and space. Who is the "artist" which white washed these events long past? My "wiser" self? My "less-wise" self?

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