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Does a letter really mean anything? I mean, can a person actually die because of one letter?
When I was born, there was a life or death battle going on between my mother and I. You see, I had red blood which had an outer protein layer called an Rh factor. There are two different Rh protein layers which are deadly to one another.  
I was born with an Rh negative factor written Rh-. My mother had a Rh positive factor written Rh+.
This difference is called “Rh-sensitivity” meaning that if any of her + red blood cells crossed the placenta, her + red blood cells would destroy my – red blood cell at a rate faster than my body would have been able to replace them and I would die.
So, yes, death by letter is possible.
The doctors even as long ago as 1949 when I was born, knew that if a woman had extensive bleeding during pregnancy, then Rh-sensitivity may be the case. The story I was told was that my mother was very young, and panicked to the point that she was going down the phone directory looking for a doctor – any doctor - who would take her case. Remember, in the 1940’s, in conservative Texas, “out of wedlock” pregnancy was culturally rejected.
Also in the late 1940s, at the end of World War II, there were many of us little bastards fathered by happy G.I.s; so many that, in fact, there was a name for us all: “Scoop Babies”.
My parents had the perfect profile for adoptee parents of a “Scoop Baby”: in their 30s, employed (my dad a veteran) unable to conceive, wanting a child. So, when a young girl “in trouble” found a doctor with patients like my parents, “scoop”.
There was even a script which was passed around North America to parents to tell their “Scoop Baby”: your mother was a young girl who did not have a family to bring you home to, and she wanted the best for you, and we very much wanted a child, so we picked you!”
So, yes, death, or ­life because someone knows how to read and interpret that letter is possible as well.

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