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2016 JANUARY POSTS - "Full Contact Life Lessons for The Human Spirit"


By Jean W. Yeager
© Copyright 2016, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

Between relationship and isolation, heart strings and guilt, we live. This is paradox. This is love – loose and tight.

An arrogant Herod and the re-telling of the Slaughter of the Innocents. January 28 is the traditional, liturgical feast day.

What part of the human spirit sends the Tamirs of this world to the most dangerous place near where they live, a small city park, so they can be alone and play and dream and imagine with a toy gun beneath a hard, bare, concrete picnic canopy littered with heroin needles? What sends the Tamirs or the Huck Finns into such a place where adults would not go alone? The sense of adventure.

Time is a funny place. There is time when you look back – memory. But, when you look forward, what do you see? A non-specific potential. An expectation of something that might happen.  Plans. Hopes. Wishes.  Have you ever traveled into the soul realm of Wishes?  It’s somewhere near the Neighborhood of Fear.

Donald Trump on winning.
Charlie Sheen on winning.
Ayatolah Khamenei on winning
Glen Beck and God on winning.
Kim Davis and the GOP on winning.
Barry Goldwater on winning (“Picking Daisies” ad)
Michael Jordan on losing.
Joe Biden on not running.
Serena Williams after a loss.

I want to kiss my yet unborn grand-babies. So, I want the tools to harness the cosmic and the tectonic, to be able to predict the weather, understand the currents, manage the doldrums, to know when volcanoes will erupt and how to surf the crest of the tidal waves. Easy stuff. The stuff everybody does, right?

So, to all my friend girls, I don’t care how old you have become, I will always be looking to relate to the girl in you who you are beneath that mature exterior. That girl inside is the one who has always been you. So, if Jean with the girls name, calling you girl angers you a little, I have a suggestion which I ran across at a group of girls – “The Sisters On The Fly”...

"Honestly I have been in a slump for awhile when it comes to reading books until I got my hands on this one... let's just say this amazing book found me and I am ecstatic that it did." - From Mark Krausman's GOODREAD REVIEW

I am Donall Trumpette, “DonaldLarge Me’s Mini-Me”. Do not misunderstand. I may be smaller than DonaldLarge Me in height, but I have a much, much larger frontal cortex than DonaldLarge Me. Mini Me is so smart that I do all the thinking and DonaldLarge Me who does all the flapping of his large lips.

What do you use to wall-off your past? Alcohol. Oxy. Rejection. Ambition. Material wealth. Isolation. Sex. Gambling. The question still remains, what locks the mighty dream of you away?

When our way of life falls because we are following Ash Roads to Sand Lands and economically tethered to blind Euro-Kings who put their eyes out so that they don’t have to see the Truth. Will the Greek Chorus will run from the wings shouting “Kata basis!”?

I’m not sure if I should write about indecision. Some people feel that indecision is something which ought to be done away with – that seeing both sides of a question is some sort of weakness because it prevents decisive action.

As I sit in front of the fire I see that we burn our pasts. We release those seeds of the future by telling our past stories. And those are the fuel for the New Year’s fire.

Who understands the source of their beliefs? Do the people who are supporting the different candidates know the source of their own beliefs? If so, are they willing to say that the candidates who utter the Public Lie are saying things they themselves stand for. If not, then why do we tolerate the Public Lie?

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