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Confidential discussions with the 1% of the 1% Republicans (wealthiest of the wealthy Republicans) and they decided Dick Cheney’s brain should be ready to run for President just as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Dick volunteered to be “harvested” in order to be the first cyborg-enhanced President. 

Sergeant Joe Friday with the School Police visits Ward and June Cleaver to inform them that Theodore (Beaver) Cleaver and the Trump boy were caught lighting farts in the gym locker room after an unfortunate accident.
 I am the tongue of the Liar and I am the best in the business. Some say our lineage goes back to the snake that lied about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. If I were to say “that’s a lie!” (or Fake News) then you could count on it. 

I am Niccolo Machiavelli. My treatise which separated politics from morality was called The Prince and published in 1513. The brand has done very well! Only a modern mind would apply a then radical concept - amorality - in so many practical policy ways at all levels of society worldwide!

Excerpts from “The Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and recent news digests June 2014. Unaccompanied Children (UACs) are an  unprecedented surge of young immigrants at the southern Texas and Arizona border.

 The term ‘Moralic Acid” was coined by Frederiche Nietzsche (1844-1900) to describe a process of getting free of oppressive moral influences the type of which guided many moralistic social movements of the 19th century. Looks like it's coming back into style.

 “It’s all about governance” said the White Queen to Alice, the broadcast journalist covering the Town Hall Tea Party for the 99%er News Network, “ignore the fact that I, as a Queen, am now certainly a 1%er. I wasn’t born a 1%er like King Donald or King Jeb. I, too, was a commoner until I married King Bill.” She smiled and reached for a piece of toast.

Now that the secret FBI emails are being released, Donnall Trumpette is sure that his existence will be revealed. "I am Donall Trumpette, 'DonaldLarge Me’s Mini-Me'." Donall and DonaldLarge Me have a plan for Trump-O-Rico.

They are the stern, staring eyes of those grim-faced Republican candidates in the recent CNN promotion for the 16 December 2015 debate. They are an example of “resonance advertising” based on the latest social psychological research. What might we expect if a Republican wins?

B'rer Sanders was finished shooting hoops in the Senatorial Gym and heading back to the campaign path when right in the middle of the path was a big Tar (Sands) Baby. Sistah Clinton and a buncha 'publicans laughed at him when he punched  it and got stuck.

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