2015 JULY - DEC - INDEX / POST SYNOPSIS - Let's Ramp Up Our Amperage

2015 JULY

Why Do I Always Wind Up With Losers Like You?
All addicts come to this point. “But I’m not addicted,” you say! And, what were you not addicted to? To the belief that you alone were in control of your destiny? This is the deception of the deception. Welcome to the path of initiation. Getting conscious of your deception is the first step in stopping your deception. "Pride goeth before the fall."

Questionable People
I want us all to be questionable people. Not only questionable, I want us to ramp up the amperage of our calling-forth from one another. Let’s live our lives so that others are a bit unsure about us.

Which Corporate Logo Should Replace the Confederate Battle Flag?
While slavery is no longer actively conducted in South Carolina, it is still a modern economic business practice and South Carolina is “open for business”.  The companies which currently use slave-like practices and sell in South Carolina (and the United States) and are “good corporate citizens". Their corporate logos should replace the Confederate Battle Flag and be hoisted at the statehouse. Or, should laws and attitudes change?

Beauty Aged
Winsome is Beauty Young, innocent and yet unvarnished. Filled with themselves and life. Curious, cute, constantly in motion. Like flowers, with hints of their future potentiality beginning to arise. Beauty Aged is a gift from life. Beauty Ripe buffeted, beleaguered and weathered by challenges have the eyes and the smiles that tell of lives which have experienced great testing, deep wisdom, tragedy, loss and love. Beauty Aged, upon death is a complex thing hard to totally comprehend. However, it was beautiful to behold.


Why Is Being Human Never Enough?
We have collisions of the moral and the amoral. Friction of self-interest. How can a company have morals without a conscience or a soul? In the confluence of the grocery store we see the battle waging. The bankers, the morbid profiteers, the bigs versus the locals. Let’s choose human-sized.

Your Veil
When we awaken each morning, many of us are aware that where we went when we were asleep was a different place than the one in which we live when we are awake. That experience should alert you that there is a spiritual world on the other side of the veil. Trust this experience.


Life's Plan-O-Gram
Plan-o-grams are schematic layouts based on Choice Architecture leading to on outcomes to choices someone else wishes you to make. How much of our lives are the limited options presented by others?

Report of Teaching Rudolf Steiner's "Six Subsidiary Lessons" In my Local Jail
In February 2014, the New York Times and regional television news channels unofficially dubbed Rutland, Vermont (my hometown) the “heroin capital” of the U.S.  Like many areas, loss of jobs, bad economic times, and other social factors, made our area easy prey to dealers. This was not news to us who were residents of Rutland, but we were shocked to learn how bad it really was. We were na├»ve and “asleep”. Then we got to work.


Recent Amazon Reviews
Amazon Reviews - "Th3 Simple Questions: Slice Opemn Eeryday Life".
Mark Krausman, Goodreads
Paige Ellen, Amazon
Brenda Hammond.

Pinball Choice
I have been rolling downhill on my old-style, electro-mechanical pinball life. I bounced from bumper-to-bumper, location-to-location, job-to-job, crisis-to-crisis, and person-to-person. Did I really control any of this or did I really only control my desire-flippers at the bottom?  Is it ever too late to transform? If you don’t transform yourself, life will transform you.

Presidential Candidates: Feckless, Fearless, Foolhardy
Presidential candidates: feckless, fearless, foolhardy, courageous? What say you?


Why Do We Tolerate The Public Lie? 
Who understands the source of their beliefs? Do the people who are supporting the different candidates know the source of their own beliefs? If so, are they willing to say that the candidates who utter the Public Lie are saying things they themselves stand for. If not, then why do we tolerate the Public Lie?

Instinctive Velcro - The New & Improved You!
You can change. You can go from hardwired to instinctive velcro. Really?  Isn’t “hardwired” permanent? Forever? Nope. Depends on how lazy you are.
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