2015 JAN - JUNE - INDEX / POST SYNOPSIS - My Pilgrimage In Mystical Shoes

I set out wearing Mystical Shoes down a long timeline and attempted to write things that are imaginative, spinal and essential. Your feet – and your shoes – are where your impulse or idealism meets the reality of your journey.


The Presence
I am the Presence which makes the difference in this moment of your life. The Presence of the Higher Power.  I am the Presence of something greater than yourself, greater than your intelligence and Ego. The Presence is not something you can out think, pretend doesn’t exist, or get it to respond and leave you alone.

I Am A Hamster Running In My Wheel
I am SO busy! I have two day-planners. I make notes of my notes so I make sure I don’t forget to do something. It’s January. Taxes are due in April. We're Patriotic. we pay our taxes. Somebody told me that 26 of the biggest companies don’t PAY taxes. Wait! What?

The Wind From The Future
The wind of the future is unstoppable. We create a mutual destiny which will blow back and consume us all.

The Giver The Gift
Genuine gift giving requires a genuine receiver. Are you genuine? Oh yes you are!

Breaking Past
One of the most difficult things to change about ourselves is breaking past our own inbuilt patterns of thinking which had become patterns of behavior.

Pilgrimage In Mystical Shoes
I started this blog just over a year ago to make a Pilgrimage - to consciously walk in Mystical Shoes. What's that? I set out wearing Mystical Shoes down a long timeline and attempted to write things that are imaginative, spinal and essential. Your feet – and your shoes – are where your impulse or idealism meets the reality of your journey.


An Old Frontier Of The Heart
I found this old memory in my heart. A joy not used up. You and a photo and old longings set aside. Can there be an old frontier of the heart?

Things Work Out
I am a very quick thinking person. I am smart. Brilliant, actually. I am opinionated. In my opinion, I know what to do. I know the RIGHT thing to do. The correct thing to do about any problem – ANY problem, big or small, can be successfully solved if people would simply do as I say.  They are not too keen on this idea. But, here's what I did.

Are You A Planet Or A Star? 
Better to know if you are a planet or a star. Do you shine? Or, reflect?


New England Weather - After 4-months of Harsh Winter A Snowstorm Pounds The North East
Like a young, aggressive hockey star, another “Alberta Clipper” – Captain “Vladdy ‘Polar Vortex’ Putin” - is barreling southward from the far northern most polar region like a grinning, toothless, long-haired winger.

I Am The Them In Me
I AM THE THEM IN ME. The sum total of what I have become is you, my neighborhood -  family, church and school.
Toward A Rose Cross Meditation (I, II, III, IV)
See separate page

Hug Hard - Birth Markers, Grave Markers
When we are born on Earth we “die” from the spiritual world. The spiritual world marks our “death” (okay our departure) by placing the reverse of a “grave stone”, a “life marker”, not in an outward cemetery, but inwardly in our birth-bodies, a spiritually connected, living life marker which is our genetic code. A mis-spelled grave marker was a perfectly imperfect ending to the earthly life of my cousin Billy who was a guy who was born with a genetic code (birth marker) which included Down Syndrome – a different sort of spelling to  the usual genetic code. He was never "labeled" unless "go" is a label. Billy was Billy.


Tourist Of Death
So, here I am watching them catch Dolphin fish with hand-lines when, suddenly, the Dolphin vanish. An 8-foot long, Black Tip shark has seen the drift and the Dolphin, too. The Captain says to me, “Hey tourista! You wanna be a fisherman?”
I say, “You bet!”

Unfortunate Garments
From the moment we are born, we have experiences. We “wear” our experiences. Layer after layer your experiences in the form of memories, emotions like disappointments, muscle memories, injuries all affect how freely we move, are bound to us inwardly and outwardly. They are like unfortunate garments which belong to us and which we cannot remove without great effort.

Cultural Acquired Immunity Defensive Syndromn (AIDS)
There is no technological “white blood cell” mechanism (no Technological Immune System) to test whether or not the things flowing along via Social Media are “me” (my values) and they go unfiltered and unchecked directly into my consciousness. Many are false posts. Some really ads. Some are lies consciously planted by someone who wishes we would buy their “remedy” to the fear they promote, support their “cause” so they can “save” us. https://threesimplequestions.blogspot.com/2015/04/cultural-acquired-immune-deficiency.html

Selecting Omens
The development or evolution of our consciousness has left us as “observers” and disconnected from the spiritual world. In many ways, the spiritual world relies on we humans to be responsible for life.  The omens are given to us so that people may remember to “turn to an ancient principle” – “matter is never without spirit.”

Slow Blind
I am slow blind. I move so fast that I can’t see slow things. I’m too anxious. I always rev fast and run hot. I must go more slowly. There is a whole world that moves slowly. A world I know nothing about. I miss so much.  We don’t practice settling down. We don’t practice going into the darkness. We don’t practice for death.

MAY 2015

"Honestly I have been in a slump for awhile when it comes to reading books until I got my hands on this one... let's just say this amazing book found me and I am ecstatic that it did." - From Mark Krausman's GOODREAD REVIEW

“What does it mean to be human?”

The capacity to speak about humanity and to see humanity as a topic reflected in public conversation has disappeared. We have a hole in our consciousness when it comes to thinking about our humanity.

Does this make us inhuman?

Glyphosphate is in the drinking water of 38 states and in 70% of rainwater samples. It was found in 90% of 300 soybean samples. It is used by farmers who grow GMO foods like corn and soybeans.

So, let’s ride this water-borne, nationally inflicted, “possible carcinogen”, corporate bull, shall we?

I am the label, what you get called. A code phrase, or shorthand, used to mark you in some way.

 We labels exists so someone can OWN you. A "slave" to fashion? You got a diagnosis? Somebody professionally specializes in the diagnosis which you have and can make money by treating you because of your label.

We labels are in favor of a new kind of label or designations of virtues which can be won by everyone.

Tag, you're it!

The Moon outside has brought the Night and caresses the Earth, her lover, and us, with her touch. We lie with each other as the candlelight and the moonlight caresses us, and the Night dissolves into Love.

A grudge is like a rock in the belly. It's like a weight that hold your spirits down. It's like a wall that keeps you from enjoying life with the other person.

The truth is that when you treat others with a cold hard heart, you wind up being the one who is treated with hard and cold… and it eventually blows up your life. Things break apart. People drift away.

I was born to live my virtues, wasn’t I? An ideal owns me. The ideas of my employer are okay, but they are not MY ideals. I’m between my idealistic rock and my employer’s hard place.



Aged Love seems to love what was once there, or beholds what was once there in what is now here.


My Big I wants all the big things: fame, glory, wealth, accomplishments, the Tower named after me, the Gold, Stocks and hot cars, beautiful women, and a “mass outpouring of love from a grateful nation” (Woody Allen).My "little i" My “little i” does not need put other people down in order to feel big. It is very interesting to have these two I's within.


YOU ARE A FAILURE BY SOMEBODY'S SCALE. Failure is used by the largest Corporations, Brands, Megalomaniacs, Potentates, Clans, Governments and Religions.Failure is big.

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