2014 - OCTOBER SYNOPSIS - "Vapor Trail Of The Spirit"

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     The first half of 2014 ended in June.  I published 50 posts in that time period and had an average of almost 1,000 readers a month visiting the blog. Many readers have come from other countries: China, Ukraine, Japan, France, Germany, England, and Switzerland to name a few. I am thankful that the Google translator process makes this possible.  I recently have gathered those posts together and they are being edited into a book which I hope to publish soon.  In case you haven't visited the blog recently, here is a recap of the October 2014 posts.  In the new year, Marietta and  I hope to return to volunteering in our local jail - I am in hopes that some of these posts might be useful in getting some conversations going in my groups.
     Don't forget that your comments are very welcome. Please pass this along!  Thanks! -- Jean

CHANGE OF HEART - I am here to get our group to move on this project, this decision. Being powerless causes an agonizing experience.  I’m stuck. I MUST be willing to be powerless. I do not have a clue what to do, my Higher Self, the Wiser Person within me who have been watching this looping for months, are able to get involved.

I AM THE CONCEALER - In this age, I am cut off from the Truth about myself for an indispensable reason – I need to become as strong as possible. That way I can withstand the forces in today’s world. I must be at full capacity and if that means I’m egoistic and filled with myself – then so be it! This is my preparation for the future – for the time when I wish to transform my capacities into spiritual capacities. I must be Free. Until then, I need The Concealer. (This is the “Micha-el Idea”.)

WHEN YOU ARE CRUSHED, WHAT GOES IN? OR WHAT IS RELEASED? - Without being challenged, broken, wounded, or tested how will our spirit receive anything creative or idealistic from the spiritual world? Or, maybe we need to be crushed so that we can offer the unique gift we keep locked tight within us, and be an inspiration to someone else?

WHO LETS THE DOGS OUT? - Anger, Doubt and Egoism are three big dogs I keep fenced in. I keep them for self-protection. Sometimes they get out and run about terrorizing people. And I have to go chasing them.  Then I have to apologize. These are very BIG dogs. They are very important parts of my life. But, who lets these dogs out?

TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS) FOR CANCER - I am a part of two writers groups in which are a number of cancer survivors – myself included. It seems to be the case that we receive cancer without a clear statement of the Terms of Service (TOS) as what was recently released by Facebook.

VAPOR TRAIL OF THE SPIRIT - I am your checkbook, your check register, your credit card statement, your Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree accounts, or the way in which you make note of how you spend your money. I am the vapor trail of YOUR Spirit moving into Matter – into your Life.

NIGHT SELF - The Day Self is the ash of the flame which lights the Night – the ash of YOUR flame as you unfold. Your Night Self is the invisible Night Flame which is the inner fire in the soul, the sense of Self which you dimly see fluttering just out of sight on rare occasions, the power you weep to unfurl in the day.

     This blog cracks open the day-to-day stuff of life and reveals the unseen, allegorical and mystical -- things that are ever more about to be. As technology and economics have become powerful and intense during my life I have felt that man must become ever more human and seek a reality beyond the manipulation of both and cultivate feelings of heart
     The assignment is very simple: every week, or more frequently, take five minutes and answer three simple questions: "Who am I?, Why am I here?", and "What do I want?"
     The writing seeks to be an immediate act of composition - free from all rules and artful manipulation. It is intimate and personal.  I have sought to write honestly and dynamically using unconsciousness creativity. Any re-working which has been done is done immediately and under the impetus of the first conception.
     Thank you for reading this blog. Don't forget your comments are always welcome.  Many thanks.  Best wishes for your religious celebrations! -- Jean Yeager

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