Wednesday, March 22, 2017


OPPOSITE: Heartlessness
 The Calendar of Virtues represents a year-round opportunity to practice Virtue Transitions while outer nature is going through analogous changes. Your inner practice will be reflected in the outer world which can strengthen your experience. PLEASE POST YOUR INSIGHTS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW.
      In high mountain lakes the population of native trout are usually one species. They come to balance the food use out of a natural, in-built compassion. Let just one of a competitive, more aggressive species be introduced into that lake and the total population of native trout will drop. That native population of trout is free but does not try to overly complete with its brothers and sisters – or with the aggressive trout should one be introduced. Competitiveness is not "natural" to that species.
      In his lecture, "Brotherhood/Sisterhood And The Fight For Existence," Rudolf Steiner renames "brotherhood/sisterhood" as "mutual help". Mutual help is a way of living and working that has a basis in compassion. In the lecture Steiner traces the historical  development of communities and guilds through the middle ages. And says that it is not a choice between compassion and making oneself as strong as possible.
      "It is right to make ourselves as strong as possible, but the question is, can we really become strong without love?" The cells in our body must work cooperatively with other cells and each of them must be as healthy as possible so that the entire body is healthy. He goes on to say that anybody has a soul and then he says that communities have a "soul" as well and this is called "brotherhood/sisterhood" or "mutual help".

     We have a common attitude today that we as individuals can only benefit by growing smarter, having greater physical prowess, or having incredible personal expertise that puts us ahead of everyone else. Steiner says this "Fight For Existence" is to be expected, along with it he says we must add expertise in positive work with one another. In this way the individual has options in their lives and are not totally isolated to only working for or with themselves. By adding the capacity for compassion, one also adds freedom.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Originally published in 2014 - but seems relevant these days.

     I am the tongue of the Liar and I am the best in the business. Some say our lineage goes back to the snake that lied about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. If I were to say “that’s a lie!” then you could count on it. God looks to our lineage to deliver and since then we have lied for and against just about everything. Every clan, tribe, country, religion and corporation needs an experienced tongue now and then. Who do you think was in FDR’s mouth and uttered those memorable words, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Great delivery if I do say so myself. How about this one: “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” At the U.N.!  Or, “too big to fail”. You see, it’s not the lie, it’s the tongue of the Liar.  It’s how it rolls off the tongue that makes the difference. Everybody knew Churchill, W and the Fed were lying – there was no doubt. What saved the day was the tongue that told those MONSTROUS, the IMPOSSIBLE lies. Not every tongue can rise to the level of the impossible when needed. It’s a gift.

     It’s a great era to be the tongue of a liar! A Golden Age. An age of massive lies. Do we doubt Genocide and Global Warming?  Every day I make the rounds of the news “outlets”, like a mall, right?. Some carry one kind of story. Another set of “outlets” carry the opposite. My guy surrounds himself with small minds so they can’t deliver the big messages. That’s MY job - to bring the BIG DEAL. My guy starts an interview and he smiles and pauses, he’s on the launch pad with one easy softball question, like he’s actually thinking (as if), and suddenly I’m running down this narrow mental alley-way between “what is” and “what is not” and he’s caring nothing for his reputation or the international repercussions. Then I realize we have to totally change the game – tell the GRAND LIE, a GENERATIONAL lie! A lie so large and so all encompassing that it takes in the last 50 years of history about a specific topic and flips it on it’s head. The lie is so outrageous they don’t respond they just report. Said often enough and with sincerity, the GRAND LIE is not a negative.

     Besides the BIG lies that move countries and generations, I like the intimate lie. The lovers lie, the leader’s lie. Sweet lies about glory – your glory. Those earnest looks and whispered promises. The touching, the hand shake held for a few moments longer than necessary – to show intention. The shoulder touch. I tell you that he knows what you want. He’s listened to you.  You’re not alone.  He’s here for you, protecting you.  The direct one-on-one eye-contact. The motivating word from his mouth – a great looking mouth. I tell you this will be dangerous – very dangerous. We won’t let this fail – but it will take YOUR effort. You’re so close you watch his mouth, watch the words roll off of me and his determined chin. He’s a person of flesh and blood and I tell you he’s relying on you – we’re ALL relying on you. He smells good and your nose wouldn’t lie about a thing like that. His heart beats good and pure – like your heart. You believe him. You will do as he asks – even though it is very, VERY dangerous “...and you may lose your life. But the cause is worth it.” says the tongue of the Liar quoting my ancestor, the snake.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


JUNE CLEAVER sweeps into the room. WARD CLEAVER sits on the sofa reading a newspaper. There is a knock on the door.

JUNE:     I’ll get that.

She exits and then returns with SGT JOE FRIDAY.

JUNE:     Ward? A policeman here to see us.

WARD tilts down paper and looks alarmed.

WARD:     A policeman?

FRIDAY:   Mrs. Cleaver, Mr. Cleaver, I’m Sergeant Friday with the
          School Police.

JUNE:     School police?

WARD:     Is Theodore in trouble?

FRIDAY:   I’m sorry to say that your son and the Trump boy were
          caught lighting farts in the locker room.

WARD:     Lighting farts?

FRIDAY:   Oh, don’t worry sir, it’s typical junior high school
          hyjinks - happens all the time.

JUNE:     Really? Lighting farts is typical?

FRIDAY:   Yes ma’am. When the cafeteria serves mystery meat,
          fruit cup and pork ’n beans, some of the Britebart 
          Brats and the T-Party Toadies, when they go to P.E., 
          they can’t help but strip to their tidy-whities, pull 
          ‘em tight, Flic-the-Bic ‘n let ‘er rip!

JUNE:     Oh, my!

FRIDAY:  Sometimes the blue flames shoots a foot and looks just 
         like a Senate Majority Leader tie!

WARD:     If it’s typical why are you here?

FRIDAY:   This time, the Trump boy was injured.

JUNE:     (CONCERNED) The Trump boy? Injured?

FRIDAY:   Yes ma’am. He tried to “Repeal and Replace”.

WARD:     “Repeal and Replace”?

FRIDAY:   Not a good idea to repeal a fart, but repeal and
          replace is typical junior high thinking. Dangerous if
          you’re trying to impress people.

JUNE:     Is he badly hurt?

FRIDAY:   What do you think happens when you try to repeal and
          replace something combustible and under pressure?!

JUNE:     And Theodore?

FRIDAY:   He ran for Nurse Kellyanne. She brought ointment and a

WARD:     Our Beaver a hero.

FRIDAY:   I came to ask you to treat the Trump boy with a little
          tenderness for a while. Don’t laugh at the waddle.

WARD:     So, the American Health Care Act doesn’t cover
          repealing and replacing farts? 

FRIDAY:   Just ask the Trump boy.

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All rights Reserved.