Sunday, January 18, 2015


     I am SO busy! I have two day-planners. I make notes of my notes so I make sure I don’t forget to do something.
     Each day I double-check on each of my personal agenda items.
     I send emails.
     I make phone calls.
     I note the emails on the proper logs.
     I save the digital files noting my note.
     Then I sip my water bottle.
     Then I push the wheel a bit more. That’s my very important job! Pushing this wheel. It won’t go around without me running on it.
     Gotta double check the bank accounts.
     I use bookkeeping software so I can follow my accounts.
     So I run on my wheel.

Do I run on the wheel BECAUSE I have the wheel or do I have the wheel because I feel so ANXIOUS?
I feel late.
     It’s January. Taxes are due in April. Don’t wanna be late. Don’t wanna be penalized. Tax returns were connected to everything in our lives. Taxes are the big country-sized wheel around which all my paperwork and book keeping revolves and which keeps our country going! It’s patriotic. I wear Red, White and Blue and I drink Tea and have my own Tea Party!
     We all have our little wheels that feed into the big wheel – without our taxes the country doesn’t have any money to buy bombs to blow sand up in the desert, buy scanners to see my underwear at the airport, or other patriotic things – like scanning my e-mails.
I just checked my planner, and apparently I must to shred my 10 year old tax returns so no one can steal my identity. I got the box out of the garage where I keep 10-years of tax returns neatly boxed and in numerical order on wire shelves. Not too, OCD, eh? Patriotic!
     Geez, I remember all the details of those returns. I’m a little sad have to shred them, but that’s my job today, gotta push my wheel around. Make room for a new box of receipts.
     Then I sip my water bottle.
     Maybe I could hook my shredder to my wheel. That’d be cool!
     This wheel needs a little oiling, it’s squeaky. ‘course I can’t take a day off to oil it because I’m so busy.
     When I worked for a corporation – a very BIG corporation - I had a very big wheel I had to turn. It really wasn’t MY wheel – it was one of the Corporate wheels. I had projects I had to do each and every day. I had to move my part of the Corporate wheel. There were lots of divisions. Lots of big Hamsters in Big wheels running, running and running!
     That’s good. Corporate Taxes are what keeps our country strong! Bigger wheels moving bigger wheels! I can almost hear the corporate squeaking going on everywhere across our great land. Very Patriotic. 
     Somebody told me that 26 of the biggest companies don’t PAY taxes.
     Wait! What?

© Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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