Friday, September 23, 2016


Originally published 1/26/16 

“It’s all about governance” said the White Queen to Alice, the broadcast journalist covering the Town Hall Tea Party for the 99%er News Network, “ignore the fact that I, as a Queen, am now certainly a 1%er. I wasn’t born a 1%er like King Donald or King Jeb. I, too, was a commoner until I married King Bill.” She smiled and reached for a piece of toast.
“As the 1%ers always say, ‘Some people are born great and others have greatness thrust upon them!’ I’m very grateful to have had greatness thrust upon me as it gave me the opportunity to serve, to govern and do many things to help the 99%ers. Do you like jam? After I am named Queen, I shall make sure that the 99%ers have jam.”
“But the 99%ers need help. Wages have fallen. The banks have sucked-up all the money.” Alice said.
“’Sucked up’ is not a proper journalistic term, my dear. ‘Reasonable profit’ is what I like to say. ‘Profits and bonuses, bonuses and profits, mo-ney makes the world go ‘round!” The White Queen said in a sing-song voice which turned snarly. “Even the 99%ers know that! What’s your question?”
“What about wages?” Asked Alice.
“Increase in the minimum wage and jam tomorrow,” said the White Queen. “Tell your viewers to vote for the White Queen and I’ll raise the minimum wage, that’s the bread. And, there’s jam to sweeten the deal!”
     The White Queen led Alice to her Tea Party table. There were dozens of detailed position papers and proposals. It was obvious the White Queen like her thoughts. Each had a beautiful plate on top each with a slice of bread.
     “Look at these, or go to my web site,” she said. “Being Queen is very complex but you can tell I have experience in everything, or at least something to say about everything!” She reached for a plate with a slice of bread on it and handed it to Alice.
     “Foreign relations? Security? Anti-terror? Soft bread, tough Queen. And remember, jam tomorrow!”

Alice was covering the Town Hall Tea Party for the 99%er News Network. She wanted to find out exactly what the White Queen was going to do differently to change things in the country. After all, the 99%ers were poorer, less employed, facing a bleaker retirement and their kids were saddled with larger college debt with fewer good job prospects than ever before. The White Queen was part of the outgoing administration which had continued 1%er policies many of which her husband King Bill had put into place. Those policies made the rich richer and transformed the middle class into a lower class,
     “How will you be different?” Alice asked.
     “Let’s be polite!” The White Queen said lifting a butter knife. “Say ‘Pretty Please Ma’am’ like a good 99%er”.
     “Pretty please, Ma’am – how will you be different?” said Alice.
     “Minimum wage. Obamacare. And, ask the banks and 1%ers to play nice.” said the White Queen, “and, jam tomorrow! Isn’t that what everybody wants?”
     “The 99%ers want things today! Health care. Higher wages. Lower debt.” said Alice.
     “Well, they’re just unfamiliar with how the forward thinking of the 1%ers work, that’s why they’re 99%ers. 1%ers live forward. I’ve gotten things done by working with the opposition. 1%ers know that to make changes, you have to live forward, it’s always ‘jam tomorrow’, never jam today. We have to go slowly, dear. Be a good girl and tell the 99%ers that the White Queen lives forward, will you?”

“The 99%ers will be confused.” Said Alice.
     “I’m not surprised!” said the White Queen. “That’s what happens when you always live your life backwards. The 1%ers live their lives forward. When a 99%er such as yourself tries to live forward, it makes you a little confused. You grasp for things like the concept of today.”
     “You say the 99%ers are living backwards because we want jam and health care and income equality and our needs to be met today?” asked Alice.
     “Exactly!” shouted the White Queen. “It’s jam every OTHER day and today isn’t any OTHER day, it’s today! That’s living life forward. All my proposals are forward thinking!”
     “Oh, I think I’m beginning to understand.” said Alice.
     “My memory works both ways – forward and backward!” said the White Queen. “Doesn’t yours?”
     “I can’t remember things before they happen. But, I do remember backward, and today. Very clearly.” Said Alice.
     “I don’t want the 99%ers to remember backward. I want the 99%ers to remember forward!” said the White Queen. ”It’s so much easier to govern when people remember ‘jam tomorrow, never today’.”

Based on “Through The Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll.

© Copyright 2016. Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We’re within a day or two of the Autumnal Equinox (September 21) which starts the “trough” as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) calls it. I wondered what was going on. I’ve noted that several Facebook friends just reported feeling a bit discouraged, “I’m a coupla ticks off” one said. Another said he was going to take a “time out” from his regular intense schedule of Facebook commentaries “I just need a break. I’m gonna read a book.” And, as if to raise my consciousness even higher, I saw my first TV ad for “Puffs” facial tissue. That’s always a sign that we are entering the “trough”.  Then I looked at the calendar and there it was – the “trough”.
Really, I didn’t need the ad, I feel it too. I’m glum.
     The “trough” is between November and April. It is when the days grow shorter right up to the Winter Solstice. Our bodies are synced with daylight, “entrained” as they say. According to the CDC, research has shown that we are more likely to become ill in the “trough”. It’s “a seasonal fluctuation” between health, disease prevalence, and the function of the human biological systems, such as the endocrine system, which relates to immunology.
     Our entrainment to daylight is called “photoperiodism”.

     Photoperiodism relates to the length of day/night cycles. At the Autumnal Equinox, day and night are equal length. But, every day after September 21, the daylight decreases until the Winter Solstice.  
The tilt of the Earth’s axis combined with the rotation around the Sun results in more or less daylight called “seasons”. Thus the year is divided roughly into two halves – one of decreasing daylight in the Northern Hemisphere (increasing is Southern Hemisphere), and then they switch about.
     The old cultures call path to the shortest day of the year, “the dying of the light.” The CDC calls it “the cold and flu season”. The CDC notes a spike in pneumococcal diseases occurs in U.S. adults between December 24 and January 7. Their study reports: “The reproducible seasonal patterns in varied geographic locations are consistent with the hypothesis that nationwide seasonal changes such as photoperiodism-dependent variations in host susceptibility may underlie pneumococcal seasonality…”

This means that as our physical systems weaken, the viruses get stronger. All of living organisms on Earth are “entrained” or synchronized with seasonality. Our bodies respond to reduced levels of light by reducing our immune systems’ performance.
     We are no longer consciously living in sync with the seasons of nature. But, because our bodies can’t help but be in sync, they respond. We feel stressed, “a tick or two off” as my friend said. We try to adjust ourselves and de-stress and perhaps get some rest, read a book.
Maybe in the case of my Facebook friends and I, we are entering the metaphorical trough of our lives, not just the year. I really sense an autumnal feeling. These are people I met in the Spring or Summer. But now... we are sliding into the trough.
Thankfully, the ancient cultures responded to the “dying of the light” and created festivals which bring us inner light of Joy! Inspiration. Reverence. Warmth of soul. From the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter solstice we go through bright, inner times of meaning and celebration: All Hallow Eve / All Souls day, then Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Eid ul-Adha and then Christmas before turning back to the Light.
     And so will we all.
     Welcome to the trough – and our inner revels! Welcome Yule

© Copyright 2016, Jean W. Yeager

All Rights Reserved