Saturday, November 9, 2019


  I am someone who believes that there is way too much “Moralic Acid” being thrown around today and what we need is to be inspired to add “Moralic Catalyst.”

  The term ‘Moralic Acid” was coined by Frederiche Nietzsche (1844-1900) to describe a process of getting free of oppressive moral influences the type of which guided many moralistic social movements of the 19th century.

  According to H.L. Mencken, Nietzsche said that these organizations “thought morally” and judged people as either “good or bad.” And, they had a “moral way of acting” economically, politically and socially as well through such movements as: “Temperance”, “Social Purity“(birth control), “Eugenics” and Anti-Suffrage.

  Nietzsche was all about individual freedom. He said that these groups were a “moralic acid” because they dissolved individual freedom through their actions.


  “Moralic Acid” is again at play by groups who insist on applying their “morality” to everyone. “Moral behavior” to them is whatever they wish to do based on their religious beliefs. This applies to individuals, small groups, political parties, states, countries; all of whom are “morally justified” to take action against anyone else who is not within the sect, church, or philosophical “stream.”  

  Their morality fuels behavior through which they seek to get obedience of those “others” to their particular creed. Today “Moralic Acid” groups are working economically into public politics in states like Indiana so that discriminatory actions may be legally permitted because of “freedom” to have your own “religious morality”, and is politically armed as in the case of Sunni vs. Shiite Muslims. This positional thinking justified by morality” is at work around the world.

  Now that “Moralic Acid” has surfaced again, it is time for us to call it what it is – Morality used as a toxic weapon as justification for abuse unto death of others.

  In life, acid causes living micro-organisms to pull back from it in the physical situation. In community life, “Moralic Acid” does the same. It causes people to flee the social situation or get burned.


  I would like us to apply a “Moralic Catalyst” to combat the over abundance of “Moralic Acid”. A catalyst is a substance which when added to a chemical composition, causes a profound change to the mixture without itself becoming part of the mixture. Many times it causes a separation of ingredients.

  Nietzsche’s solution was to push toward individual freedom, power and perfection. If one became a “Superman”, one would be above “Moralic Acid”. The mixture of power and individuality in the hands of “moral” extremists did not work out so well in Nazi Germany.

  Perhaps we need less power to individuals whose morality takes away freedom and we need a catalytic element of community-based morality. 

  A “Moralic Catalyst” containing community moral ideas such as mutuality, forgiveness, tolerance, and respect will balance and neutralize out the "Moralic Acid." These are catalytic elements which may change the dynamic in the current Moralic turmoil in any community. Add them to debates and confrontations. They are the substance of Love.

  We need to add these – and soon.

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