Wednesday, April 30, 2014


4/24 - I AM THE PAUSE BUTTON ON LIFE. - Much of life today is on automatic pilot. Trains of cause and effect, pulling cars loaded with habitual thought, leave our stations bound for a one way journey to a predetermined outcome. The pause or gap, is all about freedom. We at least should be free in our heads and responsible for our actions if life otherwise has us boxed in.

4/22 – CALENDAR OF VIRTUES – APRIL 20 – MAY 20 – HERE’S HOW TO PARTICIPATE - Here's how to participate in the slow research project and follow the calendar of virtues.

4/22 – DEVOTION BECOMES SACRIFICE: THE SEED - I am the Seed. I am all about Devotion to my species. I am also all about Sacrifice in order to transform myself into a plant. I think I'm gonna need some help.

4/21 – MONSTERS WHICH KEEP US SAFE KILL US - Have we created a world of monsters that are now raging against us? How do we protect ourselves against outer monsters? Anguish. But even that is not enough.

4/19 – I AM GALILEO AND FACEBOOK IS MY TELESCOPE - I have concluded that you have been under a significant mis-apprehension! Things are NOT as they seem.  The individual citizen is NOT the center of your society any longer. Your Citizen-Centric society has been an ILLUSION caused by geometry! There is a new and larger entity that influences all the other spheres. This discovery explains why certain things are not as they seem to you and why others gone so wrong!

4/15 – I AM THE TONGUE OF THE LIAR - It's a great era to be the tongue of a liar!  A Golden Age. This is the age of massive lies told with sincerity.

4/8 – I AM YOUR MASK - Inside me is the real person you're working on becoming - the REAL you.

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