Tuesday, April 29, 2014


     I am just an old guy with a paper grocery store sack out on his lawn at dawn on May 1, plucking dandelion flowers, dealing with creaking knees and sciatica. I always hope to fill the sack quickly, but the repetitiveness of the task makes it tedious to me and I have to focus on what I’m doing. That is my part of the alchemical nature of the process – having to overcome tedium and remember the lofty spiritual process which I am undertaking. While I am picking I try to think about next Winter’s Solstice, how dark and cold it will be at that time of year and to remember all the blinking ice and snow which only melted a few weeks ago here in New England.
     As the kids begin to drift by on their way to the middle school up the street, I realize just how slowly I have been working having to remember all these things and pick and keep reminding myself I am doing a mighty and alchemical transformative task, a spiritual task.
     Picking is a spiritual practice, I tell myself. Just like Miguel Cabrera does batting practice in order to win a Triple Crown, I do my spiritual practices in hopes of having a spiritual experience. Can’t make Dandelion wine without picking.
     When the kids ask, “Whatcha doin’?” and I respond, “Batting practice.” And they look up at the house and note its features to remind themselves later where that “old nut-case” geezer lives so they can avoid this part of the block completely.


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