Saturday, October 18, 2014


     These are what The Concealer helps me hide from myself:
     My thinking is intelligent and clever. I like to specialize in knowledge. The Concealer helps me get the “inside” story, secrets, the dirt about how they are ripping us off. I don’t want my kids to have a broad-based education – to get ahead today, they must have to be very skilled. The Concealer hides that I only want them to have what I things they need - that I know how things ought to be. Life is all about me and my thoughts, my opinions.
     My feelings are not broad. My love is directed to those who deserve it. I fear people will take advantage of me. Poor people ought to do more for themselves – meaning ME. I have feelings of great pride about my accomplishments. Just because I have had some advantages, The Concealer helps me hide this reality which might give me sympathy. I take comfort from reading the spiritual experiences of others – I don’t really need my own.
     I respect science and technology. I measure my successes by which technologies my family and I have and can operate. I must keep up with the latest. The Concealer hides the affect of these technologies on my capacities to be Human.

     Without The Concealer I would not be able to experience a full range of Freedom which gives me great inner strength. In this age, I am cut off from the Truth about myself for an indispensable reason – I need to become as strong as possible. That way I can withstand the forces in today’s world. I must be at full capacity and if that means I’m egoistic and filled with myself – then so be it! This is my preparation for the future – for the time when I wish to transform my capacities into spiritual capacities. I must be Free. Until then, I need The Concealer. (This is the “Micha-el Idea”.)

     My Concealer hides my self-knowledge and only shows me the “self” I want to see. I am a coward. But this gives me Freedom eliminates self doubt. What is the Truth about my Ego – how am I doing?
If I press The Concealer and ask to see the Truth about myself, The Concealer will show me and give me the Sense of Shame which will be the teacher, and benefactor. Shame will help me meet my brokenness.
What do I want? Strength to meet my “Double” – my “Doppelganger” – Myself.

© Copyright 2014, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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