Monday, October 20, 2014


     Here we go again.
     You and I are members of a faculty, work team, parent group whatever; like two Carrot People in a line of People, TRYING to work together. But, you and I have this THING.
It is the same old thing. We’ve been over this ground so often that the ruts between your heart and mine are deep and well known to us both.
I perceive you standing in position “A” and you perceive me standing in position “B”. This is where we each stand.
Then you say “w”, like you ALWAYS say “w”, and I say “x” like I always say “x”.
Your “w” makes my attitude feel like I’ve got to say “x” – I always say “x”, because you say “w”. There you go again!
My “x” makes your attitude respond as you always do. “She sounds like a record player – there she goes again!” Is that all she’s got?” And, then, you respond “y”, and I can see your mind closing, once again.
And your “y” always shuts me down and makes me respond “z”. I’ve got to say “z”! I can’t let you get away with “y”! So I say “z”.
     And we go back and forth ‘round and ‘round. It’s a Closed Loop.

     I want for you to have your eyes opened! For you to see the Truth. For you to have a Change of Heart. For you to change your ways! We’ve been stuck in this position for so long, You are just a Carrot Person. I am now sure I just can’t change you. You’re too stuck, too Powerful.
     But the disagreement is keeping important things from happening. If I can’t get you to “move” in some way, our entire faculty, work team, parent group, whatever will stay stuck.
     This is not about me. It’s not about me being “right”. I’, Powerless - my Power is stuck. It hurts to feel Powerless. It hurts for you to win.

     I am here to get our faculty, work team, parent group to move on this project, this decision. Being Powerless is an agonizing experience. The Christ, Ghandi, Mandella, King – the Great Ones were Powerless.  I’m stuck. I don’t want to, but I must be willing to be Powerless. I do not have a clue what to do, my Higher Self, the Wiser Person within me who has been watching this looping for months, can’t get involved because I’m in the Loop.
     My higher self tells me to stop trying – to Reverse My Will – stop my habitual behavior. Tells me not to react to my personal memory stream which only re-creates this habitual looping pattern between us.
     I wait so that Higher Beings can get involved but am aware that negative Beings or thoughts or responses can enter in as well. After all, I am only a powerless human being. So, we will see what happens at each step. I don’t assume or expect things will go my way. It’s a test.
     You say “w” and I say “q” and I can tell by the look on your face that you don’t know what to do – that’s different already. This may cause you to change your position – you haven’t considered “q”. Your fixedness is moving. I hate to admit it bit I guess my fixedness moved, too.
     The agonizing experience of Powerlessness has the Power to engage Beings who have the Power to change Hearts.

© Copyright 2014, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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