Tuesday, September 23, 2014


    I am Journey, not destination. I am the process of living. I am not the hopeful illusion you carry in your mind, not the illustrations on the map, Journey is the reality of your experience. Hold up your compass to sight the direction, find true North, and then you and I shall Journey. You will meet resistance and reality, success or failure, it's all the same to me.
    I am your childhood dash from the house in the woods of your unknowing made of candy. I am the Multi-Level Marketing Journey. I am the slow, agonizing death from AIDS. The truth of coming down and drying out. I am the realization on the cliff that the climbing rope is 20' too short.
    I am the time going slower than ever imagined. I am the time running out. I am anxiety and fear of being late. I am the sudden, surprising collision while texting. I am the fear that comes in the middle of the night on the path. The realization in the middle of the process that makes you doubt whether or not you can actually carry this off. The looming unknown which makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. 

    Journey wants to unfold you, carry you, blow you, flow you. Journey wants to bring you challenges to meet your weaknesses. Journey IS your unfolding your self in flame and glorious illumination - the bigger your vanity, the hotter your Flame. The lower your self-esteem, the deeper the abyss into which you will plummet. Journey is a mirror of you to yourself on your way to yourself.
    Only those who are dissatisfied with themselves take the Journey. It is a fearful journey for those who are afraid. It is a random journey for those who want to be in control. Your one-sidedness calls forth your Journey. It will be a needy journey for anyone who can't bear to depart with their most precious belonging - pride.
    Where do you least want to go? That may be the exact place where your Journey will take you. You're Journey want you to visit every place which you need to visit. If you want success, Journey can take you there, by the way of failure. If you want health, Journey can take you there, by the way of illness. If you want love, Journey can take you there, by the way of loathing. "Babe, you're the wave, not the water."


     At the end, Journey is where we all go to meet who we thought we were at the beginning. Journey is the setting out with enthusiasm. "We all look good at the staring line." Journey is also the being forced to wait for ourselves. Journey is going where you know you should go. Journey is also not knowing where you are going. Journey is going WAY BEYOND your capacities or winding up at the end of the path with parts of you which will be wasted because you never used them.
    The Comforter will not come to you unless you journey to the point where you need to be comforted. If you always play it safe, play it careful, never take a risk, avoid injury and danger, never reach out for someone else, why would the Comforter need to Journey to you?
    Are you the Journey? Are you the Way in which you should travel? Have you within you places which you need to discover, mountains to climb? Is there a deep within you don't know how to enter? Are you stalking a Beast within? Is there a blazing fire in your heart too hot for you to enter? Are you a Lover in search of a Lover who is too shy to be revealed? Are you the Doorkeeper for your future? Are you refusing to grant yourself entry?

(C) Copyright 2014, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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