Thursday, November 6, 2014


     Uh-Oh is the me who is ashamed of how I MIGHT do something wrong. It hasn’t actually happened yet, but it LOOKS LIKE something wrong I’ve done before. Uh-Oh is the one that judges actions before I actually do them, and then says its name. When I Uh-Oh, I am not actually aware of what truly is – I am only aware of my fear. The fear I have is about my lack of self-confidence, poor self-image or, feeling I am a failure. I hate these fears – they fly at me and scare me into shutting down what I am attempting and so, I repeat some mistake, or make a NEW mistake. Figures.

     Uh-Oh is here to lead me away from old patterns. It is the me who is an example of how many times I hurt myself, needlessly. I think things matter in life. I care. I want to be perfect and cut myself little slack. Uh-Oh guides me to realizing that it is not helpful to judge myself BEFORE I do something. Regret, sure? Uh-Oh? No. If you fail, you get one regret and an opportunity to look at what happened, learn from it and improve.  If you Uh-oh, you choke and you fail, too. Why have TWO things to grieve over?

     A strong self-image is one which tries new or even risky things; sometimes succeeds sometimes fails; but learns something as a result. A weak self-image can’t even get to the trying something new because it is afraid of choking on the new action. And, then I drop back into my good-old vicious cycle of self-doubt, timidity, or non-action. When I don't let my Uh-Oh out, if I try, fail, and learn something new I might set-myself up for success next time! Next time you hear an Uh-Oh – take it as a signal. Then, shake it off and look - and I mean really LOOK at the situation - then decide what you need to do  and do it!

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