Saturday, January 10, 2015


     I am the giver.
     Is a gift a gift if you expect it?
If it’s some sort of “payback” then it’s not a gift, but an exchange. If you did something for me and now you expect me to give you a gift in return, is that a gift? If I expect because I’m your kid, or your dad, then it’s not “gift” giving, but “exchanging presents”. Not a gift.
When you are totally amazed and shocked and surprised by receiving something – when it is absolutely unexpected - then you have received a TRUE gift. And what the thing is that is given doesn’t make any difference because what is given is the giver.
Out of Thoughtfulness into form. It’s the fact that the giver has thought enough about you that they somehow got the gift and gave it to you in whatever form or fashion it needed to come to be appropriate. Big, small, crude, exquisite, costly, inexpensive, physical or spiritual.

Who is worthy to receive the totally amazing and totally shocking and absolutely surprising gift?
You are!
Why would you say that you don’t deserve such a thing?
You say you don’t deserve such a thing because it has never happened, yet?
Oh, yes it did.
You were born, weren’t you?
Everyone of us who has been born, has been born into a world of total surprise. You had no expectations. You were given the whole world when you were born. You were absolutely worthy of such a gift for no special reason other than you were born.
And now, here you are, and what has changed? Nothing. You were worthy then, you’re worthy now. You are the RECEIVER of the gift. Still the perfect receiver. The perfect receiver perfectly matches the giver. Perfectly.

     Why is the perfect receiver here?
     So the giver may arise.
     What is the gift that the giver actually gives you?
     What is ANY genuine gift which you have ever given, really? You. The giver. You have given yourself.
     What is any genuine gift you have ever received? The giver. They gave themselves to you.
You are the gift which another giver has given and we have received those gifts which that other gives us. Only through living our lives do we understand what we have been given and what we receive.
     Surprised? Just ask and you shall receive.

© 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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  1. A quite different way of looking upon all of it but quite informative to many.

    They can take it spiritually, religiously, or simply to heart. Some choose to place God on top of it all while you have placed it into a different realm without specifically stating God.

    This is precisely what the messages have been stating all along... with one specific intention - learn how to love and enjoy being with everyone around you. Not all of them will be around in the end but at least you came to know them before that time ends.