Saturday, April 11, 2015


I am an omen. You do not know who I am because you have not been taught about omens. Once all school children could recognize omens because they had read in Holy writ about omens which were integral to life as the ancient people knew it.

   This you now scoff at.

   Omens were and ARE signs for the future. We portend what will become. We are not created by men because we point to things men cannot imagine. We are not the “coming soon” signs. We are world-happenings, like eclipses, earthquakes, the darkening of the sun or moon, asteroids, falling of mountains, death of species created by the world-creator.

   There once were people who could experience these signs and explain their meaning – what they portended. And, once dreams could be interpreted.

   Now, “learned” people - or perhaps even entire cultures - can see no future. No omens exist any more. All dreams are relegated to personal psychic disturbances. Some cultures experience no Angels, believe that “global” anything” cannot be true and discount things so large as superstition. Only their scientists believe what they personally know to be true.

   Is this in itself an omen?


You have always been presented with omens. All around you are signs “of the times” which you may ignore or not. You may only be aware of small omens for your own personal life. Can you even extend your gaze wide enough to see the generational omens, national omens, international omens?

   When you expand your gaze wide enough to include as much as you can, you may have feelings arise. Joy, gratitude, connection, concern, even fear or doubt. Consider a certain part of your world, of THE world, and note the feelings which arise. These are your intuitive feelings about that part of life. Perhaps you will even experience compassion.  You may even become aware of a specific “trigger” for these feelings. What does the future look like for this part of your life?

   In this way you participate in the world’s becoming. You de-isolate yourself. You may be able to connect in new ways with the world and find your way back to connection with the spiritual world.


The development or evolution of our consciousness has left us as “observers”, scientific thinkers, doubters and skeptics of anything not-physical or material -- essentially disconnected from the spiritual world. 
    In many ways, the spiritual world relies on we humans to be responsible for life. Omens arise in our consciousness when we have been able to “turn to an ancient principle” – “matter is never without spirit.”

Here is that ancient principle articulated by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925):

"Seek the truly practical material life,

but seek it so that it does not numb you to the spirit which is active in it.

Seek the spirit, but seek it not in passion for the supersensible, out of supersensible egoism,

but seek it so that you wish to apply it selflessly

in the practical life in the practical world.

Turn to the ancient principle,

matter is never without spirit and spirit is never without matter,

in such a way that we say we will to do all material things in the light of the spirit

and we will so to seek the light of the spirit,

so that it evokes warmth for us in our practical activities."

© Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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