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Th3 Simple Questions - Slice Open Everyday Life by Mr. Jean W. Yeager.
116 pages, 45 chapters
Honestly I have been in a slump for awhile when it comes to reading books until I got my hands on this one... let's just say this amazing book found me and I am ecstatic that it did. The style of short essays or "slices" each with the "Who am I", "Why am I here", and "What do I want", format took me by surprise as it was an energizing way to read and process thought provoking concepts with each "slice" only being a few pages long and the analogies were artfully presented as real life experiences to which most anyone can relate.
My favorite slice was "Dandelion Wine: Alchemical Batting Practice" as I fully immersed myself into this "slice" with my own imagery which I could completely relate to as it left me with the warmth of sunshine still in my mind. All of the "slices" were masterfully crafted without needing page after page of extra words to get the author's intended thought provoking points across.
Mr. Jean - Willie Mays would have been impressed with "Another Willie Mays Miracle" as you hit this one "out of the park" worth reading more than once...... 5 Stars
Many Thanks :=}
Mark Krausman - Goodreads Reviewer 

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Jean Yeager's simple little gems November 5, 2015
Full disclosure: the author is a friend and neighbor and has asked me to review this book. He provided the copy for review. When I first looked at the book, I saw that it was a mere 116 pages and I thought I could just sit down and read it in about an hour or so. I was wrong. The reader COULD just pick up the book and start reading and go straight through to the end. The reader might have some appreciation of the genius of the book, but likely not. As the author puts it, each entry is a slice of life to be taken up by the reader for reflection/contemplation or what have you.
The book is a work of unexpected genius. JY has taken the best of his blog entries from January to June of 2014 and packaged them into this unassuming little volume. He uses a particular style that can really draw the reader in. He asks, in each entry, 3 questions. They are: Who am I? Why am I here? And, What Do I Want?
Who am I? can be a very simple aspect of life such as, "The Midnight Shift" to something much more complicated, such as, "The Monsters That Keep Us All Safe." From there he speaks in the first person as if he were, for example, "The Midnight Shift" and describes just who he is and why he is here and what he wants of the reader.
It is pure brilliance how JY manages to bring the reader to consider aspects and meanings of things often not noticed or go taken for granted in everyday life, cuts them into "slices" and offers the reader the opportunity to stop the ordinary flow of his/her thinking and seriously consider some things and their meaning for themselves, the readers, things they have not likely pondered before.
The book is provocative and thoughtful. It is an open invitation to look at life in an entirely new way. I give it my highest recommendation. It should be in the library of anyone who consider themselves to be reflective. It also makes a great starting point for people who may never have given much thought to their lives and what is going on around them.

Much to mull over! September 6, 2015
The questions may be simple, but the explorations thereof can be profound, thought-provoking, maybe even life-changing. Jean turns the spotlight on many aspects of life today, highlighting facets of our culture that influence us whether consciously or unconsciously. See 'I am the mask' or, read 'I am grass' for a powerful indictment of pastoral policy, its results and demands. Are we deaf? On the other hand, "Dandelion wine" was definitely inspirational for me.

You'll want to own this book so you can return to various sections to peruse them once again, be intrigued, challenged and inspired. Plus, there's the privilege of gaining some insights into the soul of another human being... in this case, Jean himself.
A small book with large wisdom August 9, 2015
very interesting book providing new perspectives

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Some say the Democratic Presidential candidates were "feckless" in their response to what to do in response to the terrorist attack in Paris the night before.
     "Feckless" means "weak spiritless, worthless."

Others say Republican Presidential candidates would be "fearless" in their response to what to do in response to terrorist attacks in Paris the night before.
     "Fearless" means
free from fear, caution or concern; ready to plunge imto battle."

Some say to rush in is "Foolhardy".
     "Foolhardy" means "daring without judgment."

All would agree we need "courageous" leadership.
     "Courageous" means "firmness of mind and purpose." "Courageous spirit" suggests "less vitality than mettle to keep up one's morale indefinitely."

What say you?

(c) Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I have been rolling downhill on my old-style, electro-mechanical pinball life. I bounced from bumper-to-bumper, location-to-location, job-to-job, crisis-to-crisis, and person-to-person. Did I really control any of this or did I really only control my desire-flippers at the bottom?
I am now propelled by the gravity of aging and the inertia of my vanities. I am now realizing that I am unable to really alter the linear direction of my descent toward “Game Over” which prior events have orchestrated. Even the speed of my fall is cumulative. My rolling silver steel ball of personality appears out of my control. I watch all that is going on behind the glass game-top and wonder if I have become a “deaf, dumb blind kid” like Tommy.
Can’t I choose anything? Do anything?
Then again, do I really want to choose? Or should I simply let the events choose? That’s the easiest. Less effort, right? Watch my little steel ball go straight down and disappear out of sight. Then I can curse “what they did to me”, those stupid bumpers. Blame someone else for my fate, my lack of opportunities. The lack of wealth of my parents, genetics that gave me an “eecch” brain. Maybe whine about the obviously rigged game of life which is not on the level. Oh sure, there were inclinations, mine on the inner and the inclined game table on the outer. And, after all, I chose this game.
And I was inclined to try to affect the outcome. I shook the table, nudged it – hard (careful not to “tilt”). But, basically, a pinball life is three balls, flashing lights, sounds, points rolling on the board as you stand there somewhat confused, unaware, na├»ve, numb in my heart and alone. Yeah, I flipped my desire flippers and occasionally kept the ball in play.
Choose. Huh? Yeah, right.

Let me brood in my dull anger for a moment, okay?
Do I want to choose? Yes, I do want to choose. And, I realize that if I choose, then I will pay for my choice. I will suffer. I do suffer. Your extra replays don’t come free. But, I’m brooding already, right? I have a few more games racked up on the counter – a few more years before “Game Over.”
     Deprivation because when you choose, you only get one thing – not both. I have to pick one or the other, poverty because I can’t have both (or the many). There will be labor, conflict, looming fear, addiction (to my desiring. Desiring? Hell. Longing!), regret that things will not be harmonious, rejected divinity, failing physical capacities, pissing myself. Maybe denial is easier. Just let me stand here like Tommy – deaf, dumb and blind. But, Tommy could play. Am I a player?
     Suffering. Suffering to be myself. A warrior, a player, chooses to define her/himself from the others. Can I be hostile? Independent? Push back against the inclined table of life? I can be hostile to the amorphous, undefined!
     I long for the One Thing. The One Thing we have in our hearts, our True Self. The others told me that real success was getting my steel ball into the 1,000 Points Hole. Roll your ball into that Hole and score big time, lots of lights, sounds and chatter. Woo-hoo! (“You get a replay!”) And, then the 1,000 Points Hole ejects you, shoots you across the table.
That other thing which warms your heart? That True Love? Where is that? Don’t seek that. There is no choice, they say. Stick with the 1,000 Point Hole and replays. You are what you are, the game is the game, the table is what it is, and that is that. True Self? True Love? Not here. Not in this game. This is a closed system. There is no place to go for that.

I am here to awaken the True Self before I die. Before you die.
“Time, time, time, see what’s become of me...” I am a child of the 60s in my 60s. What time is it? Am I late for a very important date? “When the Moon s in the 7th House...” Is this the dawning? I have I missed it? When was that Millennium? Y2K?
Is it ever too late to transform? If you don’t transform yourself, life will transform you. So, you have to go from the closed system to an open system.
If I am a steel ball, I am iron. Iron is malleable with enough heat. With enough passion I will undergo the agony of change. I will stand between the opposites where I’m normally not inclined to go, and feel the power of resistance. Resistance to my passion cranks up the heat. With enough passion, resistance and friction, I can change. Form a blade. A sword. The One Thing to become, my new self. Someone who does not just roll mindlessly, who can overcome the inertia of the past. A blade does not roll mindlessly. A blade cuts you away from the amorphous which clings.  Change - the one precious thing to do - the act which grows more fierce with each sun rise.
True Self awakens in the sphere of cause. Outside the box. Off the table. Choose to be the gravity, your self-motive. This is how we roll.

Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

TH3 SIMPLE QUESTIONS: Slice Open Everyday Life

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