Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Brainz for January 30, 2017

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An esoteric practice many people undertake is to pay careful attention to their dreams each night between Christmas Day (Dec 25) and Epiphany (Jan 6) – the Twelve Nights of Christmas. They say that if you journal these twelve nightly dreams, you may find each one offers a new and different “picture” or a prediction of a specific month about to occur in the new year. Night one, January; night two, February, and so forth.
Our “day consciousness” (or “Day Self”) is not based on dreams, is doubtful of dreams because it cannot dream and be awake. And, our Day Self is awake.  During the day our Day Self makes predictions in the bright light of wisdom based upon cause and effect, what has already happened, precise logic A+B=C, sequence, the things we can see with our senses.  Our Day Self is busy and plans events in our To Do lists, dresses in style, does the laundry, logs our years on our resumes and LinkedIn, records our genealogies, tests our DNA, worries about retirement plans and the amount of money in our IRAs. Craft beer, anyone?
Who is it that brings us those dreams during the twelve nights?  Do we have a “Night Self”? A Self which is not bound by space or time or senses? A “Self” which may exist in the unconscious, illogical world of our dreams? This “Night Self” travels on a boat by Moonlight, paddles the glimmering shimmering, beats the long and oh so deep thunderous rhythm of the full moon which sends the animals into motion, is a flame of incandescent fire which unfolds and licks and interpenetrates other flames intimately.
I predict that tonight when you lay your “Day Self” down to sleep tonight, your “Night Self” will arise and gently stroke your cheek and move away.

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