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Twelve Nights

Brainz for January 30, 2017

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An esoteric practice many people undertake is to pay careful attention to their dreams each night between Christmas Day (Dec 25) and Epiphany (Jan 6) – the Twelve Nights of Christmas. They say that if you journal these twelve nightly dreams, you may find each one offers a new and different “picture” or a prediction of a specific month about to occur in the new year. Night one, January; night two, February, and so forth.
Our “day consciousness” (or “Day Self”) is not based on dreams, is doubtful of dreams because it cannot dream and be awake. And, our Day Self is awake.  During the day our Day Self makes predictions in the bright light of wisdom based upon cause and effect, what has already happened, precise logic A+B=C, sequence, the things we can see with our senses.  Our Day Self is busy and plans events in our To Do lists, dresses in style, does the laundry, logs our years on our resumes and LinkedIn, records our genealogies, tests our DNA, worries about retirement plans and the amount of money in our IRAs. Craft beer, anyone?
Who is it that brings us those dreams during the twelve nights?  Do we have a “Night Self”? A Self which is not bound by space or time or senses? A “Self” which may exist in the unconscious, illogical world of our dreams? This “Night Self” travels on a boat by Moonlight, paddles the glimmering shimmering, beats the long and oh so deep thunderous rhythm of the full moon which sends the animals into motion, is a flame of incandescent fire which unfolds and licks and interpenetrates other flames intimately.
I predict that tonight when you lay your “Day Self” down to sleep tonight, your “Night Self” will arise and gently stroke your cheek and move away.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017



THE U.S.s Mini Me

Now that the secret FBI emails are being released, Donnall Trumpette is sure that his existence will be revealed.
I am Donall Trumpette, “DonaldLarge Me’s Mini-Me”.
Do not misunderstand. I may be smaller than DonaldLarge Me in height, but I have a much, much larger frontal cortex than DonaldLarge Me.
I pack the brains, he packs a big mouth and large, signature-style hair. (It is not a comb-over, it is a Trump-over.)
I played a very LARGE role in the DonaldLarge Me campaign and now in the White House while DonaldLarge Me is, of course, playing an extraordinarily super-sized role in the advancement of all mankind!

I carry a 3”X5” card in my wallet on which I make careful, tiny notations, of DonaldLarge Me’s contribution to the species. This is not about “survival” of the fittest, we’re way beyond that. DonaldLarge Me is much larger than Darwinian thinking! DonaldLarge Me is advancing the species!
His unmatched personal capacities make him the model human being against which all others will be measured. He’s big... really big. Just ask us.
He can’t help but make America Great Again, it is what will happen in his vapor trail! Greatness. Total BigGreatness. AltGreatness as Kellhyann would say. Why, DonaldLarge Me’s aroma makes America smell nice again. And, he makes Canada and Mexico smell better, too. All of North America smells nice because of him. It is Eau de Trump-o, the smell of richness, the vapor trail of success.

DonaldLarge Me is accused of hating Mexicans, Syrians, Muslims, people he fires on the Apprentice, people throws out of his rallies, and a few million others.
Nothing is further from the Truth. The Truth is that DonaldLarge Me has said over and over again that he LOVES Mexicans. He hires them! He LOVES Muslims! He has a Trump Tower in Saudi. He LOVES everyone!
 As Donnall Trumpette, DonaldLarge Me’s Mini-Me, I can tell you that DonaldLarge me is BIG on loving! BIG! America will be great again when everyone else loves as much as DonaldLarge Me!
No other candidate had a Mini-Me, except for DonaldLarge Me right?
When you elected DonaldLarge Me, America became so great that our country needed a Mini-Me, too! A U.S. Mini-Me!
I suggested that DonaldLarge Me simply designate Puerto Rico as America’s Mini-Me!
How’s that? DonaldLarge Me loves the Puerto Ricans (they’re not Mexicans, right?). And, Puerto Rico is up for sale! So, DonaldLarge Me will cut a deal with Congress to tow P.R. up here and park it right outside of New York City harbor, a short walk from Trump Tower, just like the Chinese are doing off Japan. Why not?
It will be renamed Trump-o Rico! DonaldLarge Me has agreedeveryone will do the Mini-Me Pinky Kiss to get onto Trump-o Rico. Residents will have their hair dyed like DonaldLarge Me.
This is really something to look forward to! He told me that he was in love with my little idea!




Due to a miracle of modern medicine and unlimited funding, death will not stop Dick Cheney's brain from running for President.
RE: Dick Cheney’s brain.
Confidential discussions with the 1% of the 1% Republicans (wealthiest of the wealthy Republicans) and they decided Dick Cheney’s brain should be ready to run for President just as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
Dick volunteered to be “harvested” in order to be the first cyborg-enhanced President. Dick said, “Over my dead body!” and we said, “Of course.” (Yuk, Yuk! And you thought Dick Cheney didn’t have a funny thought in his head!) He will live in a small PetSmart fish tank supported by finest advanced technology known to man provided by America's highest high-tech companies.
Dick will be the most experienced candidate for President. And, he is not tainted by the current Republican administration. He worked for Nixon and Ford White Houses and was Chief of Staff; was elected in Wyoming then served as Secretary of Defense, Vice President for “W”, and now, he will have overcome death.
The choice of Cheney for President is obvious. Wouldn’t you rather have a brilliant, experienced, ruthless brain in a secure PetSmart fish-tank than Donald Trump?
Since Cheney will have died and cannot die again, this Task Force can guarantee that if Republicans elect Cheney’s brain, they will have a leader who has proven he is not afraid to take on dictators, thugs and scumbags - not necessarily in that order.

There are serious, Fake News, court challenges looming. There are weapons of mass destruction poised to do the U.S. harm. There is a coup ready to happen. The FBI and Congress can’t be trusted. If we don’t have THE RIGHT leader who BELIEVES this, and is ready to ACT and ACT swiftly, then our way of life is in peril as it was with the 1st and 2nd Iraq invasions.
You knew Dick. You know that his brain would move whatever political, military and economic levers necessary to remove the terrorists, domestic and foreign.
America needs a strong man in office, and Cheney is the strongest candidate, even if he may be physically floating in a PetSmart fish-tank hooked up by Haliburton, Microsoft and Dell.
Google has provided Dick’s brain with a set of VR glasses. Dragon Naturally Speaking will let him dictate all communication. Blue Tooth makes him smile. He will be on the job, 24/7 which is good because we will need the extra time to undo this court triggered gridlock. This swamp.
Cheney is totally NOT afraid to stand up, or drift up, for American values and take our country back from the dangerous path on which it has been traveling.
Cheney doesn’t have a backbone but his spineless body has more spine than those so-called patriots in Congress! He’ll show us how to overcome gridlock! After all, he orchestrated the War on Terror, pushed through the NSA wiretapping and waterboarding. When he’s President, Congress better pay attention or else a little invitation to visit with the fish tank!

Look at his track record! He voted against the Department of Education and Head Start. “What a waste of money, educating young poor kids (didn't do ME any good!)! Sorry President Reagan, but I voted to against the sanctions on South Africa because of apartheid – that was bad for business and 1%/1% profits!  I also opposed releasing Nelson Mandella – that man was a terrorist and worse, a Communist!”
Gorbachev and Yeltsin - he was skeptical, VERY skeptical about those guys, guess where he stands (or floats) on Putin? (Can a fish tank snarl?) The Saudis? How did their sand get on our oil? And, remember, it was Cheney who ordered the invasion of Panama.
He wants the Tea Party to remember that a TRUE American KEEPS LOOKING for “yellow cake” until he finds it.
Look at how WRONG the world has been on so many things – Cheney would shake his head in disbelief if he had a head!
What we need is for everyone to look at Cheney’s record and get over any inhibitions about electing “a floater”. He once had a birth certificate, he will have a death certificate and he will have a PetSmart fish tank certificate.
Does the Constitution allow this? The Constitution says nothing about this. This will actually be a refreshing change. After all, how many Presidents have we had with NO brain whatsoever?  Plus with the Supreme Court we have now, no-problemo!