Tuesday, February 20, 2018


FEB 21 – MAR 20: 
Magnanimity Becomes Love
OPPOSITE: Criticism, Comment


You are invited to follow along with the calendar and post your insights each month.

1) HOW DOES THIS WORK? During the specific period from the 21st of one month to the 20th of the next, consider the virtue transition set - and the opposite. Observe nature and yourself.

It is never clear to me during the period how the transformation can or will be achieved in nature - or within myself. But, this is a meditative exercise and we are asking you to share your experience of the transformation of one virtue to the other. Just re-read the transition as stated. Then observe nature - or a part of nature - and consider the transition statement again. Then, how is it for you? And, consider the opposite. See if an insight, feeling or phrase arises for you. Write that down and post it. How you get that insight - may or may not be similar to anyone else's experience. That's why this is research. There is no one answer.

2) Then, when you are approaching the 20th of the month - the end of the period - you are welcome to come back to the bLog and post brief (150 - 200 words or so) insights in the COMMENTS section on the appropriate post. You can post at any time.

3) The next period begins the 21st.


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