Tuesday, May 27, 2014


     I am Niccolo Machiavelli. My treatise which separated politics from morality was called The Prince and published in 1513. The brand has done very well! Only a modern mind would apply a then radical concept - amorality - in so many practical policy ways at all levels of society worldwide!
     This year is the 30th anniversary of the Ronald Regan and Oliver North’s (two great American Patriots's) Iran / Contra dealings. Reagan said publically he’d never deal with terrorists. North diverted funds to terrorists and summed the situation with what sounds as relevant today as 30 years ago: “There is great deceit, deception practiced in the conduct of covert operations. They are at essence a lie. We make every effort to deceive the enemy as to our intent, our conduct, and to deny the association of the United States to those activities. . . and that is not wrong.”
     Only you have now applied this principle exponentially and everywhere!  Well done! You still have the powerful 1% which govern the 99%, or as I called them in my day, “the mob”.
The way I put it in The Prince: “All men will only see what you seem to be; only a few will know who you are, and those few will not dare to oppose the many who have the majesty of the state on their side to defend them. . . .For the mob is always impressed by appearances and by results; ad the world is composed of the mob.” (pg. 63-64)


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