Thursday, November 20, 2014


   Our group is for the birds. No kidding, we have a Host of Sparrow-like people in our group. And then we have the brightly dressed ones, the Charm of Finches. I won’t say that we actually have enough Eagles to have a Convocation, but they are so lofty, they think so. We certainly do have enough Hawkish types to have a Cast, that’s no problem. We have a Party of Jay’s and do THEY Party! A Flock of Pigeons, a Murder of Crows (I’d like to murder one or two of them myself, always stealing my ideas!), and a Run of Poultry. We do not have enough wisdom in our group which reflects the fact that our Parliament of Owls is only old Durwood. <Sigh.>  We do have a Gaggle of those types who stick their necks out, but won’t shut up! And, we have one Great Heron. And how!


     I would very much like it if our Dissimulation of Birds was better able to work together. When we get into our meeting, of course the Charm of Finches has to talk about their new sparkly accessories. The Starlings are Chattering, no doubt. And, that makes the Hens broody. They can’t be direct! They just cluck, know what I mean? On some occasions the Grouses, grouse. But the Hummingbirds join the Charm, and well, the Dissimulation gets VERY unproductive! I would have to say that sometimes we get so little work done we have NOTHING for the Larks to even THINK of an Exultation.

     Do you know Herons? Well, a pond of frogs totally falls silent when a Great Heron arrives.  We do too. When the Great Heron steps into the room, most of us fall silent. Tall, dressed in a long blue gown, dark hair she stands so tall and straight with such a long straight nose and piercing eyes that are sometimes more penetrating than our Lady Hawk. She is a giant and she knows it! Then she walks slowly step-by-step to her seat. Even though the Turtledoves try to Coo and calm us down, the sight of the Great Heron makes our blood run cold.


     I’m a new team member but I have heard the story about the Great Heron. She apparently was with a Host of a Sparrow-types in a parent meeting, with a few mousy men thrown in, a year or so ago. She of course was bringing a very important message to that group. It was a l-o-n-g message and she paced s-l-o-w-l-y as she delivered it.  One mousy man in the corner simply would not stop chattering. So the Great Heron looked at him and then suddenly she grabbed him in her beak and plunged him beneath the surface of the meeting pond. She held him beneath the water until, well, you know what happened. Meeting adjourned.

     So when she walks into our meeting, the Great Heron gets all the respect that she demands. We had a consultant Peacock come one day to deliver a talk about Teamwork. He mistakenly called her a Stork. No amount of putting his tail up could ease that wicked look in that Heron’s eyes. But a Clamor of Rooks came to his defense and she had to sit quietly and stare angrily at us all. Could I get a Crow to Murder her? No.

     The situation is making some of us nervous types want to fly -  Fight or Flight, you know? Guess which is greater in THIS group.

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