Tuesday, December 23, 2014


     My wife and I have been to several holiday parties this year where there were lots of friends, couples, singles, widows, divorcees; and one or two couples who were having a romantic dalliance. Definitely a great deal of unspoken emotionality and intrigue going on.
     The hostess would introduce us as we arrived and, on a couple of occasions, would raise an eyebrow, even two, or smile demurely as if attempting to communicate something.
     I must admit that I am not very good at reading these hidden messages. I even am dense around the obvious signals which sometimes apparently fly around the room.
     My wife, on the other hand, is very skilled at reading “Scrabble Eyes.”

     I go to these gatherings to be sociable, which means to me: chatting, being friendly, enjoying the season, or swapping some friendly news. Others, on the other hand, attend to make statements to demonstrate they have “moved on”, or repaired rifts, are still in love, or are on the hunt for companionship.
     I don’t know these people well enough, or perhaps have not been taking notes, but I don’t have the back-story or can’t remember it. My wife, and some of the other folks at the party, attend in order to specifically catch up on “how are things going” with each and every guest or couple.
     In the moment, I can’t read the meaning of Shirley’s low-cut dress and the touching Phil’s shoulder and the eyebrow flutter. Apparently my wife can. I didn’t miss the kneeseys (I REMEMBER kneeseys). But, what was the pouty-lips of Deb when Carl brought Jan the cup of punch? Meaning, please?

     I am not a speed-Scrabble player anyway. Give me a K5, J8 and B3 with the vowels at 1-point each and I will have to think for a LONG time – I don’t see the answer instantly. So, Laura telling me how her husband Ed is on a long fishing trip with his buddies... Was that a "come hither" look? Is that a C3-O1-M3-E1 O1-N1? Naw. Not with me? Me? What's up with her? Larry, I could see it. I could imagine Lar playing speed-Scrabble with Laura. She’s definitely mis-read my confused look.
     My wife will tell me later, oh boy.
     Scrabble Eyes added a new dimension to the Christmas parties this year. Can’t wait for New Year’s. I will practice up, not with Scrabble Eyes, but with Scrabble Mouth. That’s NOT what you think, it’s Q10-U1-I1-P3-S1. That’s about my speed. And, again, I am not good with repartee – I have a built-in 30-second delay and always come up with the reply way down the conversational stream.

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