Thursday, December 4, 2014


     I am the Keeper of the Loom. I weave the rainbow in the heavens. I weave the life-bow in your heart.

     In the heavens, the weft is the light and the weave is the dark. Put them together and color arises. The less dark, the lighter the colors: yellow, orange and red. The more dark, the deeper and brighter the color: the green, blue and purple.

     The “rain”-bow comes with the rain and appears only when the atmosphere is calm. Wind and the turbulent air keeps the harmony in the sky, the “promise” given to Noah, from appearing.


     Hand me the light of your thinking and the dark of your passions and I will weave them into the living colors flowing from your heart on the loom of your life.

     I bring the threads of your life together: Family is one thread. Culture is another. Your Self, or capacities, and your decisions are another. Place, location on another.

     The ideals, loves, passions and joys you make are the weave of your life. The doubts, fears, conflicts and hatreds are your dark moments. In your Soul, the colors arise as a blend of light and darks. Sunny disposition, orange and exotic, red and firey disposition; green and calm, blue and sorrowful and purple and regal. You control the darks and lights in your life? I can only weave what you put into your heart.


     In the heavens, the turbulence affects the design of the “rain”-bow. And how do things blow in your heart? Take time and be still and I will weave the colors together. The weather in your Soul will determine how tight or loose the work. It may be precise, or too tight? Even? Loose? Erratic? Tension-filled? Anxious? You can see it all in the work.

     And how will your life-bow be used? What design do you have in mind? As a shawl to protect the Grandchildren to protect them from the weather? A fine, intricate tablecloth to use when serving a last supper? A floor mat? A curtain to hide the clutter? A shroud?

     You – you live your life and create the threads day-by-day. You dye them with your emotions and sorrows. I am just the keeper of the living loom of your heart. Why are you surprised to one day realize the results of what you have given to your life’s weaver?

© Copyright 2014, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved.

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