Saturday, October 15, 2016


     I am the tide of your life. I am the powerful physical and metaphysical force by which you are carried.
     Ocean Tides are one of the major forces in all the world because water covers 71% of our Earth’s surface. Tidal motion and interaction with heat from the Sun during the day and cool of night create weather. Dance of Sun, Moon and Earth cause seasons and climate and tides.
The tide of your life creates the emotional weather of your soul.  Weather whips the tide up in the outer world and your emotional weather – the storms in your inner life.
     The Moon, you and I are secret lovers. I am totally attracted to her and so is your chronobiology. The Full Moon is the drumbeat for all life on earth. The tides of your life rise and fall with the Moon and so do the life forces of all plants, animals and humans. She pulls at us, flirts with us and we are in a constant state of longing as she passes. And then, she teases us with her long-time affection for and affair with the Sun who ramps the tide up when they sit together. The intensity is, at times, overwhelming.

     Your life is all about what flows and swirls around you and within you.
Some tides of your life are exoteric and comprised of the currents in your life. Sometimes these speed up or slow down or run at different rates, this builds large waves in climate, environment, politics, society, safety, health, food, economics and more like travel even birth rates, opening of wine grape blossoms and salmon migration. Each of these exoteric parts of the overall tide of your life are independent currents which may at times run as cross-currents – stopping things – pushing things unexpectedly.
Sometimes you are totally unaware of the currents that seem to change for no reason. These are Rip Tides and if you struggle against them you will lose your strength and energy and may perish because outer tides affects your inner life.
The small boat of your life is comprised of your health, life forces, physical constitution and Chronobiology; your thinking, confusion or lack of knowledge; your feelings like fear, joy, love or anger; and, your intentions – what are you going to try to do about all those exoteric complexities.
The tides of your life are ever changing and you will never catch a break or really be in control.

You modern people have pretend that your creation of “Science” and the evolution of your consciousness somehow makes you “free” from or able to control the tide of your life.
Do you go with or against the flow? Do you even know what flows in your life at all? Have you studied yourself? Your biography?
When I am aroused, the tide of your life lifts you up and buoys you. You ride the crest and think it is you who has done this. But, are you in over your head? When you are in over your head, are you in too deep and swamped by more than you know?
     When the tides of your life crash and fall; I sometimes put you on the rocks and break over and on you. I can be crushing when you try to go against the tide. Sometimes the look on your face is clueless about what happened.
     Life is a struggle for you. But, really, the tide of life is not about you, ultimately. You are one person in the current.
The tide of life is about more, much more. You were created in your mother’s womb, a salty tidal pool protected from larger currents. The Earth’s tidal pools have been the wombs of the first moments of creation of all life on Earth.
The tides have turned.
Why does the Lady of the Lake does not arise? Has the One who calmed the tempest handed it over to you and your Science?
Tidal pools no longer able to bear and sustain life only create the death of the Earth.

© Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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