Sunday, October 2, 2016


     The Armor of Power is what Power Loves. They wear their virtues on the outside. In their hearts is the Love for their God. They see their Hearts as the Armor of their God. They armor their hearts with aggression, militancy and pride; garments which even the most righteous of the Powerful do not wish to see torn because they are precious and the ultimate safeguard for their Hearts and therefore for their God.
     But, in the center of the house of Power, a Lover sits captive in a small room, waiting to be released.

     The Lover of Dreamlike Love is captive and sits hidden amid the complexities and realities in the war of the Powerful.
     Just a few miles away are refugees which Power has terrorized.
     There are other Lovers which Power fears because Power knows that it has Love hidden in the small chamber in its Heart.
     Once the Lover is killed, the Dreamlike Love is released and it becomes like an Armor.

     The Lover of Dreamlike Love who sat hidden amid the complexities and realities in the war of Power has been released by death to inspire us to become Lovers and put on the Armor of Love.
The Armor of Love is Love - the same Love hidden in the Heart of the Power. The Powerful are not their God and their God is a God of Love - the same Love. The Powerful know that they injure, lame or kill themselves by attacking the Lover who wears the Armor of Love, their God will know it. This they fear. And well they should.
Let us become Lovers.

© Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All rights Reserved

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