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     Many cultures have their gods and/or goddesses of sexuality, carnality and love. In many, there is a direct connection, worldly lust transforms into spiritual awakening or lower order physical love (eros) becomes spiritual love (agape). All things physical have spiritual counterparts. Spiritual love cannot be on earth without a physical vessel through which to manifest.

     Sexuality, carnality and fertility is as diverse as humankind and all creatures who are sexual. All living things have sexuality of some sort. But, not all have love. Each religion defines love differently.

One man’s love may be another man’s sin.  Birth, death, seasons, growth, all fall under expressions of love. Some Buddhists, for example, include sexual love, fertility and warfare. (Hmmm.) The Canaanites identify: summer, sovereignty and warfare. And, the Celts, of course have gods and goddesses who govern love and death. Men, be careful around the Moroccan deity, Qandisa, a goddess of lust who allegedly seduces men and drives them insane. (Although that does sound like a “reality TV show”.)


     Why are we all here?

     The Moon has sailed over the Earth and all peoples since before their deities were recognized. She and her lovers, the Sun and Earth, lifted ordinary behaviors into a higher order Love. The laws of attraction and repulsion are tied with them. Moon and the Earth have sought each other since the beginning.  There is always longing and arousal between them. There is just enough closeness between them and the Sun to cause an imbalance in the relationship so that in the mix with each other, life can arise.

Ah, yes, the Sun too is a player. The Sun is King of the daylight and Moon the Queen of the Night. And the Earth, what of the Earth? Mother Earth, out of whose verdant wetness has brought forth all living creatures. All three tend their offspring.  Variation, rhythms are essential for the Earth’s health.

     The Sun shines and the Moon reflects. On Earth, the Sun’s variety of intensity, length of the days and nights, causes seasons, growth and life. The Sun and Earth and Moon rotate in their barycenter together and so sunlight is only on one side of the earth at a time.  The Moon’s phases have moved animal life and human life forever. The season for lambing and spring calving are required rhythms of sexuality which simply are in-built into each species. This was nothing of man. But men must have felt the magic of it all and it was so much beyond them that they felt the need to place responsibility on powerful, unseen someone and so the deities. To which apparently Sun, Earth and Moon have not objected.

How long has the Moon lain with the Earth, her lover? They too have grown old together, but not tired of one another. Love seems to make all things new.


     I have slept next to my lover for many years now, at times it feels like the first night. Is this the first night? I can’t remember. One smile at bedtime, before the lights go out, erases the images of my day, eases long-time concerns.  I lay back and a world of other scenes arises. Are they memories? Or are they dreams yet to be? I can’t remember, and it really doesn’t make much difference, does it?

     When you go into the Night in the arms of your lover you are in Love – even if your lover is no longer alive and in bed with you. You are IN Love and Love is spiritual and emotional and planetary. Love is everywhere. In our lover’s arms, we dissolve into the Love. When you are in Love, Time is not existent. And, who is our lover, really? The Moon, Sun and Stars of the Night? You? Me? Love is neither greater now than it was then – whenever then was. And, Love is 100% all the time.  All are loved and are all Love and loving. 

     But, this Love? My loving and your loving is of feelings of the heart – each heart. Our feelings, emotions and physical. Like the earth and moon and sun, we rotate in a rhythm around our hearts.

     Is this the first night I’ve touched, or been touched? Nestled or been nestled? Spooned or been spooned? I can’t remember. Joy is an eraser and joy is the candle which flickers and glimmers in our room. The Moon outside has brought the Night and caresses the  Earth, her lover, and us, with her touch. We lie with each other as the candlelight and the moonlight caresses us, and the Night dissolves into Love.

© Copyright 2015, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved


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