Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Questions are a mystery. They point towards something unknown. The unknown creates anxiety within us because we naturally want to know things. We are curious. Questions contain the power of “calling forth” concern, anxiety, as well as answers.
     Questions put us into action. They “call forth” a response. What is this power which “calls forth”? It engages and draws what it needs from its surroundings.
     Take seeds, for example.  Seeds are mysteries. They are little bits of potentiality all wrapped within a tiny, hard case. Seeds contain the power of “calling forth” plants. They do so by engaging with the soil, or minerals. They also draw forth water. And, they require warmth. Plus, light is an important element that the seed draws forth from the world.
Potentiality is the seed and the question and ourselves.
     What does the question of ourselves call forth? What potentiality lives within us? What is the “answer” which lives within us which draws forth engagement from others? Or, have we already settled upon who we are? What we are?  
     Are we an answer or a question? If we are an answer – a fixed, non-mysterious, unquestionable being, we may be done. Finis? Complete? 
     Somehow, it is very satisfying to put Question Marks behind those statements.

The human being – you - is an “Open Question”. When an open question is placed before a group the parliamentary procedure is that every member may vote as they like regardless of their “political party.” So, you as an open question may free us from our previous thought and feeling obligations and call forth in us a quite different responses than we could have previously imagined. Such is the human question – and open question which uplifts us, surprises us, which brings us joy and reminds us that we, ourselves, also have this capacity to generate free, loving, surprising responses from the world regardless of our pasts. 
     Do we fear we have wasted our potentiality and answered the question of ourselves too soon? How can we become a “questionable” person? Can we re-kindle the “seed-ness” we were born with by simply presenting ourselves anew to others who do not know the “answer” of who we have become – or how do we break ourselves and become open questions again? 
     Answers exist within questions. What will we draw-forth from those around us? Love? Life? Warmth? Insights (or light)? Or facts, the fixed, mineral truths we need? 
     Questions actually “call forth” answers which never existed before the question arose. Can we “call the question” of our own lives and re-visit our initial purpose? Can we “call off” our pasts? Have we been “called to account” for ourselves by ourselves?

     I want us all to be questionable people. 
     Not only questionable, I want us to ramp up the amperage of our calling-forth from one another. Let’s live our lives so that others are a bit unsure about us.  Let’s keep one another on the edge. Let’s walk up a stairway of surprise. Let’s delight one another through random acts. Stolen kisses. Unexpected hugs. Tiny gifts. Thoughtfulness.

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