Saturday, October 4, 2014


     I am your checkbook, your check register, your credit card statement, your Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree accounts, or the way in which you make note of how you spend your money. I am the vapor trail of YOUR Spirit moving into Matter – into your Life. Hopefully your money is moving into things which are alive and living. The Spirit can only move into matter through a human action – through a medium such as Money.
     What is your Money Biography? What was your very first experience with money? Did your mother give you $.10 to go to the store to buy a loaf of bread? And you walk down the block tossing the coin into the air? And at one point in time dropping it and losing it down the drain? And you felt so guilty you cried and went into the store and told the shopkeeper what had happened and he took pity on you and gave you a loaf of bread for you to take home? Learn from that point on in your life you have been a risk taker, always tossing your money into the air and more often than not losing it?
     Or was your experience been just the opposite. Your first experience with money and the spirit led you in a far different direction? Now you have trouble sharing, you have acquired way too many things, the spirit is “stuck” in your money and you?
     What has been the vapor trail of Spirit moving through your life?

     The Spirit dances all around us, in us and through us. The Spirit in us connects us with the Spirit in the wide world. The Money we have connects us with the Money in the world. Spirit Money is with us so that we may have the resources we need to live our lives.
Have we Earned the money honestly through the sweat of our brow? Have we Stolen the money through deception or brutality? Have we Inherited the money through no effort on our part? Have we more money than we need? Do we see need around us?What we do with our money may be an opportunity for our own redemption.
There is more than one type of Money - three types of Money: Gift Money, Loan Money, and Purchase Money. These are connected with our relationships with others. The three types of Money follow us like vapor trails which may be positive or negative depending upon our sources and our choices.

     Spirit dances through the organizations to which we belong and therefore our vapor trail of money through those organizations and can be beheld through their finances. Nonprofit organizations are required to publish their IRS Form 990s, for profit organizations publish annual reports and other financial documents. These are the vapor trails of spirit moving through the groups with which you are connected.
     How generous are the places from which you purchase goods or services? Do they transform money into good works that help your community and the world? Or does the money only go into profit? Why do you buy those goods and services?
     Does your local bank simply collect money from its customers and send it far away to their headquarters which funds major projects on the other side of the country or the world but not benefit your community or our country? Why do you deposit your money there?
     It is YOUR money – YOUR spirit. What is the vapor trail of your spirit?

© Copyright 2014, Jean W. Yeager
All Rights Reserved

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