Wednesday, October 8, 2014


     I am a part of two writers groups in which are a number of cancer survivors – myself included. It seems to be the case that we receive cancer without a clear statement of the Terms of Service like what was recently released by Facebook. Cancer may be extremely aggressive and pernicious. Social media is an extremely pernicious software – so pernicious that they are willing to publish just how pernicious they actually are in their Terms of Service, and then take action against any user should they communicate the details of those Terms to others. I recently witnessed this happen in "real time" to a user whose identity I will keep secret.
     What do I mean, “pernicious”? Please read the Facebook Term of Service or look at my Facebook page. I posted them - and they were there a few days ago. By using Facebook give Facebook permission to take over your computer, change your computer settings, you accept any financial charges for any actions Facebook takes while using your computer, and you accept the fact that they do not have to tell you what they have done, nor ask your permission before they do so.
     When I published this on my Facebook page it is entirely possible that Facebook will delete this post. In addition Facebook may delete my blog.
     This means that Facebook acts in your social body in the same way that cancer acts in your physical body - attacking, removing, damaging your systems all without permission or even informing you until you have the lump, mole, or lesion. I know.

     The fact that all computer and Internet operations have to publish their Terms of Service is a gift from the God’s of Internet and electronic oversight. Without this knowledge, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could take action without informing us. They may but keep it under our level of knowledge.  This is precisely what happened and the reason that Edward Snowdon is so vilified by the CIA, NSA and other “spying” agencies of the U.S. and partners.
     Now Facebook is able to do all of those things Snowdon claimed the government was doing - and more - because they have published the Terms of Service to you and because you have continued to use your Facebook account, you have agreed to grant them all of those rights and powers. They simply make those rights and powers available to any spying agency they choose for whatever price they wish. Because Facebook is private enterprise at work, and you are a client who has free choice, it is not like anyone is doing anything against your will. Right?

     As a cancer survivor I know that the only reason I have survived having two bouts of cancer is because I got information and realized that I had the disease; and I found a great team of doctors who understood exactly what to do in order to strengthen myself, and deal with the cancer: have surgery, take chemotherapy or radiation and survive.
     What I want is to get more information about the Terms of Service that are given to us by Social Media providers. And I want Social Media doctors to make suggestions about what we can do. We are infected. There is nothing we can do to stop the disease because our Social Body, like our physical body, requires a brain to take appropriate action.
     And how is our Social Media body feeling now?

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